what i wore sunday...vol. 21...

Miss Courtney is wearing a sweater from the Gap, a skirt from eShakti,
Keds and a top from Forever 21. 

I promised myself that today I would rest. No seriously, I did. My plan for the day was to read, do a little needlework and maybe watch a movie. So far I have gone to Mass, the grocery store, folded some laundry and got dinner started. I guess I still have some learning to do about keeping the Sabbath. 

My top is from Dress Barn, skirt from Lane Bryant, shoes from DSW.
I MADE the clunky bracelt. Other accessories are from Amazon.

I will say this though. The outfit I wore to Mass this morning worked out pretty well. I got the idea from a picture I saw in last months InStyle Magazine. I knew I had similar pieces in my closet but I had not thought about putting them together. So I tried it this morning choosing to accent with red accessories and ta dah...it worked. I think. 

The BIG news is that I TUCKED in my shirt!! Oh yes I did!! I have now lost 30 pounds and this morning I tucked my shirt in for the first time in over ten years. No I am not exaggerating. It felt so good. The next thirty pounds will not be as easy as the first and we won't even talk about the thirty after that but one thing at a time my friends. Today I tucked in my shirt and it didn't look horrible. That requires a celebration. Extra croutons on my salad please!

Miss Courtney had a lot to say this morning. I love it when she lets us know how she feels. 

Miss Courtney was in a great mood today. She was talking up a storm and not really wanting to stay still for photos but we made it work. The one above I call her "hair in the wind model pose". She was giggling when the breeze came through. She was so cute this morning. We had fun outside before it became too hot.

Lilo is visiting this week. Her family is at the beach so she is with us for the next five days. It's nice having a dog in the house again, especially when you can give them back. She really is very sweet and loves to snuggle. It's been fun. Just look at that sweet face...

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