30 days skirts & dress challenge...day one

Miss Rosie @ A Blog for My Mom came up with a personal challenge to wear only skirts and dresses for the month of July. She based this choice on her on going discovery and definition of her personal "Mom" style. She has laid out her own rules here. She also threw the challenge out to other bloggers to join her in this little fashion venture making up their own rules to go with their daily life.

Never one to turn down a challenge I began to think about the evolution of my own personal style especially given my on going weight loss and entrance into middle age. I took a look into my own closet and saw that I too am a lover of skirts and dresses so I thought "why not". Let's see what I can come up with. Which outfits will I love? Which will be thumbs down?

My rules are simple:
- wear a skirt/dress five to six days a week. It's hard to wear one on Physical Therapy day or when I  am doing deep cleaning in the house. So I think five/six days a week is a reachable goal.

- I cannot buy anything new. I can sew something with fabric I have on hand but I cannot buy anything on-line or in a brick or mortar store for the month of July.

- try not to "repeat" complete outfits. This may be the toughest part of my personal challenge. I want to really push myself o really look at my closet with fresh eyes and uncover new and unique outfit combos.

That's it. Three rules. Thirty days. Let's get started shall we??

Today's outfit all comes from DressBarn. The total cost was under $50. Everything was bought on sale. My favorite piece is the maxi skirt. It's an XL form the Misses size of the store. Not the Plus size...the Misses size. YES!! I am getting there one pound at a time.

I am wearing earrings and bracelet from Lane Bryant that are at least three years old and sandals from Kathy and Kelly bought on sale at DSW. I have them in three different colors, I love them so.

Let me know what you think. How would you style it differently? What colors would you use with  the skirt?