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Posting everyday has been challenging this week for no other reason than I really don't have anything to say...or at least I feel like I don't have anything to say. I was reminded this afternoon that my life is not boring at all. I mean how many times are you asked by a sweet six year old who is visiting you for the morning "Miss Mary, can you please take off the hair. I don't like the head and I want a new one."

I want a new one too my friend. Every single day. BUT my head is not as interchangeable as the lovely Lego ones we were playing with this morning.  So you get to hear all about my we go...

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Last night I had the wonderful privilege of meeting up with the lovely Lawler ladies at the Crazy DC Meet-up in Maryland. Can I just tell you how excited I was to meet these women?? I felt like I was going to a concert and I had backstage passes to meet the celebs.

Did I take photos? Nope not a one.

I know! Blogger FAIL!!

However, I did borrow one from Like Mother, Like Daughter's site.

I have no idea what I was talking about but I think I look like I am about ready to give myself a breast exam. I mean wow...I need to stop talking with my hands...LOL!

Meeting Suki, Deirdre and Leila was so much fun. I pray Miss D has that baby soon. She looked ready to POP. I even got to meet the two hubby's. Such handsome and courteous gentlemen. I can see how Suki and Deirdre fell for them. Nicely done ladies, nicely done!

It was a wonderful evening filled with fellowship and wise advice form "Auntie" Leila. She talked about creating "pockets" of friends that we could spend time with and learn from. Friends who would support us as we support them going through the seasons of life. She speaks about this idea in this week's {pretty, happy, funny, real}. We need to reach out in person to our neighbors around us and be a part of their lives.

Leila suggested three things. Make a meal, offer to babysit, and have a baby shower for every baby.

There were other points as well. Julie@These Walls has a fabulous post about last night. She really hit it out of the park. I really could not do a better job so go say hello won't you...

This morning I had a wonderful opportunity to jump right into my "pocket" and help my sweet friend Caroline who is expecting baby #6 in a matter of weeks. She brought her other five (ages 14-2) over and I kept them for a few hours while Caroline had her doctor's appointment.

Now you need to know I do not have a large house. It's a total of 1,100 square foot Cape Cod and that includes the garage and two bedrooms upstairs. So I am always worried that there will be enough room for the kids to play when my friends with large families come to visit. I really should trust the Holy Spirit more because he always takes care of me.

The entertaining value of Legos, even ones that are twenty years old, is like pure magic. I pulled out Jonathan's "bucket" and three hours later Mom was back and all was well. They just dumped them out in the living room and began to build away, letting their imaginations go crazy. We have another date next week for the next doctor's appointment. Now to work on the meal and baby shower idea.

I like this "pocket"'s a happy place to be. Thanks "Auntie" Leila. Next up I need to establish a "craft" group of some kind. I feel some stitching coming on.

The rest of the day was filled with dish washing ( Thanks Hannah B!)...

We made Hannah's Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa for supper. They are quite yummy and very healthy. You can find the recipe here...happy cooking!

Then there was Miss Courtney all dressed in blue. I really do love the way she looks in this color. I guess it's the play off her pale skin and blonde hair. Love it!

The rash is almost gone. Her face looks so much better now.

When she has her mat time every afternoon she always ends up doing the "can can" with her legs. She just loves it and she laughs and laughs. This is what I see when she I check on her giggling...long leg Sally...

This was our table tonight filled with stuffed peppers, leftover quiche and a lovely summer salad that my sweet friend Hannah made. It was my own version of {bits and pieces. I will share that recipe for the salad tomorrow I promise. Easy peasy and quite tasty.

Happy Thursday y'all. Head on over to Leila's and check out the other contributors to this weeks party. 

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