what i wore sunday ~ vol. 26...

This weeks installment includes not only what I wore today but what I have worn the last few days...lucky you!! Not to worry...I will post again on Wednesday so you can see what else is happening in my closet...I know...it's breathtakingly exciting...

What I Wore Sunday: Day Twelve

It has been one heck of a week. There was an overnight trip for an out of town memorial service with my Mom. Upon my return I found the hubster hurling in the toilet with a 102 fever and Miss Courtney in the same clothes that I had her in the day before. NOT good at all. Apparently he had returned from work the day before and was stricken by the black plauge. Did he call me so I could return home early? No...he just laid on the couch and kept up with Court's tube feedings and diaper changes. 

So I have spent the last three days taking care of him while keeping Miss Courtney sequestered as best as I can. Not that it matters at this point. If she is going to be sick, then she is going to be sick. So this morning I got my grumpy self up extra early, got dressed and went to the 7:30 a.m. Mass alone. No makeup, not much of a smile, just me and my awesome attitude. We usually go to the 11 a.m. Mass. When I was leaving I shook Fathers hand and he said "You're early this morning". Never let it be said that priests don't pay attention. 

As for the outfit, it's all from Talbot's curtesy of their Red Hanger Sale and a lovely gift certificate I received. The skirt is fuller than I usually wear but I just love the color and pattern. The jewelry you have seen before and the shoes were just too cute to pass up. 

If you are looking for sweet Miss Courtney's photo, she is still sound asleep in bed thereby missing this weeks edition. Not to worry, hopefully things will return to normal next weekend. I pray your weekend was more peaceful than mine and that the coming week brings nothing but chocolate sprinkles and smiles!!  

Happy Sunday my friends...here are some more outfits I have worn during my 30 Day Skirt/Dress Challenge...

Day Eight:

I know this looks like it's black but it really is navy blue. It was raining...again...so I had to deal with indoor lighting which can be tricky for me as a novice photog. Anyway, everything here came from Lane Bryant, on sale of course. This was one didn't require a lot of thought. I probably should have worn red earring as well...maybe next time.

Day Nine:

There are three layers here...a cream cami and then the crocheted sweater, both from Lane Bryant. the maxi skirt is from DessBarn who had a fabulous sale two weeks ago just in time for this little skirt/dress experiment. Again, I just went with like colors and a little bling at the ears.

Day Ten:

OK, this is a first for me here at Passionate Perseverance. I am exposing my very large Irish/German upper arms. I know that this might break your screen and I apologize for that. But it makes me very, very, very, very uncomfortable to wear anything sleeveless outside the house. It's the least feminine part of my entire body and I am very self conscious about it. I recently stated lifting light weights and am noticing some positive changes so I hope as I continue to lose the weight they will shrink a bit. On this particular it was so stinking hot and humid, I lost all sense of decorum and went to the grocery store like this. Small steps people...small steps...

Day Eleven:

And so we begin with the repeats. Not sure how I feel about this blouse. I still think I need to loose more of the tummy before I wear it like this again. I don't know. As for the really red rosacea face, this is what happens when I go out in the sun with 45 sunscreen on...I still get color. Ugh!! Oh well...such is life...

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