what i wore sunday ~ vol. 26...

A lovely and light summer dress from the clearance rack at Nordstroms earlier this summer.
Have no idea who made it. Sapphire necklace given to me by my hubby on our
20th Christmas together and blue earrings. 

OK...I give up on the whole "taking a picture of myself everyday in a skirt/dress/outfit". Y'all that is a really hard thing for me to do. It has been so incredibly hot  this week and I have just been in the worst mood. I have completely lost my mojo in regards to the whole dressing thing this week. I gave up on Thursday and have been wearing yoga pats and tank tops ever since. So not taking a photo of myself in those. You may be blinded if I did trust me.

I really like the tie at the waste. This means I can continue
to wear it as I lose weight. 

I have struggled this week trying to stay focused and get some projects done around the house all while dealing with Miss C's therapy schedule as well as trying to figure out why she has a funky rash on her face. I did finally get one project done but the rash on Court's face is still an issue. I have another consult with the Doc on Monday. I am all out of ideas.

Pockets ROCK!!

Happy sunshine toes and blue sandals from Talbots. 

We made it to Mass this morning and I remembered to have Jerry take pictures right before we left. Miss Courtney kept swishing her head back and forth so hers did not turn out. She was wearing a pair of khakis, a navy blue golf short and a kelly green sweater. Cute and quite practical.

One handsome devil...

So this week you not only get photos of me ( I know...I know...it's the highlight of your week) and you get my honey Jerry. He has a new pair of glasses that I absolutely LOVE so you get a photo or two of my handsome man.

My favorite smile...love this man!!

OK...here is a little movie of my Courtney having an argument with her hair. Too funny!

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