what i wore sunday ~ vol. 27

Ahhh Sunday sweet Sunday...you are here once more and this morning I had a wee bit of a fashion crisis. You see for the first time since I began my weight loss journey seven months ago the scale has gone the other way. I actually gained a few pounds in the last two weeks. This was a bit distressing to me since I have purchased new clothing recently in a smaller size and gotten rid of anything that was the larger size that could not be tailored to fit a smaller me.

Am I surprised that the scale went up. No...not really. I have been digging myself out of a bit of a funk these last three weeks and it shows on my waist line. Of course I was not as upset over the scale as I was over my hair...but I digress. Once an emotional overeater...always an emotional overeater. So what's a girl to do?

Well, I put on my Spanx and tried on a few things deciding to go with this little number from ABS that came to me by way of Macy's.com a few weeks ago. 40% off plus another 10% with a coupon...that's the way I like to shop.

I really like the cut of this dress. It fits my fuller figure well while not being clingy.  I also like the neckline. It's modest and flattering all at the same time. As you know, V-neck's are a big girls best friend. Elongate the neck and it takes five pounds off your face. Thank you very much...I'll take that five and then another.

Miss Courtney was having a pretty decent day today but was not really cooperating with getting her picture taken. There was a whole lotta head shaking going on so I had to wait until she was a little more still to take the photos.

Yep...she and Daddy were very still. LOL!

She wore a JCrew blouse with tangerines on it and a pair of kelly green capri's with a graphic pattern on them for JoeFresh at jcpenney. I think we have done this outfit before here on WIWS but it's a cute one, so there you go.

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my sweet mothers helper and daughter-from-another-mother HannahBear. She turns Sweet Sixteen tomorrow. I love this young woman as if she were my own. She come every week to help me with Miss Courtney as well as doing odd chores around the house. You have never seen any sixteen year old who loves to mop floors like this one does. She is a real gem. She is sweet, kind, a young woman filled with faith and purpose. I know that one day she will make a most fabulous special ed teacher and if God intends a wife and mother. I love you Hannah and I am so proud to be in your life. Thank you for loving my Courtney as if she were your blood relative. Thank you for always looking out for your "Auntie" Mary. You are the best Bear!! Happy Birthday and many, many blessings sweet Hannah. We love you!!

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