what i wore sunday...vol. 25...

It was so hot by 9 a.m. this morning I took these photos inside so I wouldn't melt before Mass. both Jerry and I had to serve the morning. Me as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and he as a Lector. Needless to say it was a busy Mass for us both. Miss Courtney has been fighting a nasty sinus infection and it is still plaguing her. You can tell in her face she is not back to 100% yet.

Today Miss Courtney is wearing something I saw in the Gap window at the beginning of spring. I waited weeks and weeks for the pieces to go on sale and then pounced. I especially love the pants. They are so fun. You have seen them here before on #WIWS. The sweater is lightweight and perfect for a very efficiently air conditioned church. Besides it's very soft and comfy for my girl who is still a bit under the weather.

I am wearing a dress from DressBarn. It's color blocked in white, kelly green and navy. The white part is covered by my yellow sweater from Lane Bryant. It skims closer than any dress I have owned in  many, many years. I had to wear Spanx to make sure the front was smooth and not looking like a pile of gelatinous tapioca pudding.

The shoes are so comfy. I love this color of green and the price was brilliantly wonderful. They are from DSW and under $20. I am always so happy ti find a comfy pair of shoes under $20. A real bargain and they are cute. Don't mind the Little Mermaid bandaid...a slight accident with a glass jar during yesterdays Great Garage Re-Org of 2013.

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