what i wore wednesday ~ vol. 3...

It's HOT here in the MidAtlantic...really HOT! With temps in the high 90's and humidity pushing the "heat index" even higher, it has been a struggle to find things to wear that I won't melt in. I mean if I had my way, I would just be nekked...but then I would scare away forest animals and small children so that's not going to happen.

Since I can't go nekked without being arrested in public here are a few photos of what I have worn this week. I have been wearing skirts about 90% of the time. Not only is it cooler in this retched heat and humidity but it has challenged me to utilize the pieces in my closet a little more creatively. You will notice two trends...sleeveless and hot pink.

White and pink...classic and easy. It's about all I could do to get dressed this day. Too flippin hot my friends and I didn't have to be anywhere so I fought my inner voice that was screaming "just put on the freaking yoga pants woman and grab the ice cream". So proud of myself for actually following through. The top is DressBarn and the skirt Lane Bryant.

I actually made it to morning Mass on this day, so I actually put in a little effort. I have no idea why I kept going toward the pink but I did and this combo was a new one for me. The greens in the tops and skirt aren't a perfect match but close enough. The top is from DressBarn and the skirt Talbot's.

This one was for PT day. It's much easier to wear to shorts or capris so I can heft Miss Courtney in and out of her stander much easier. I think resemble a giant watermelon in this outfit. Live and learn I guess.

For the last three days I have been wearing these shows. Like I said...hot pink is where it's at these days.

Until next week my friends...

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