7 Quick Takes ~ What I did today...

Joining Jen to share a little joy...Today was an amazing day and I have to take a moment to thank my son Jonathan for helping make it happen. He is the BEST big brother Miss Court could have asked for and he is one wonderful son. He stayed home with his sister today, on his only day off this week, so that I could go be by the bedside of my sweet and dear friend Caroline as she gave birth to her sixth child. 

Baby V. was due yesterday and since Caroline is notorious for her very fast labors, the Docs decided to induce so she would be in the hospital and not on the way to the hospital when the baby decided to come. When I met her and her hubby at the hospital this morning she was already in early labor. So inducement or not, Baby V was coming today.

Mama got checked in and hooked up and we were off to the races. My dear friend is a master at labor and delivery. She focuses like and champ and listens to instruction really, really well. This is the third time I have had the privilege to be with her as her labor coach. I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be asked into the inner sanctum like that. Talk about trust...I am so humbled...so humbled.

Caroline handled early labor and transition like a true warrior and then they broke her water. 52 minutes later we had ourselves a sweet little girl proudly named Shirley Catherine after her two great grandmothers.

What a set of lungs this little princess has. Yowza! I forgot how very loud these little peanuts can be. Mama nursed her right away and she calmed right now. Oh the magic of Mama...gotta love it.

There were pictures taken and we played "Pass the Baby" for an hour or so and then I headed home to my baby girl. I sat with Courtney and held her all while telling her about my day and the miracle of birth I got to witness. She just smiled and curled up to me even closer.

Yep...tha Mama magic get's them every time.

Congratulations Caroline and Vic, Hannah, Aric, Joseph, Lily and Cecelia. Shirley Catherine is blessed to be loved so well by so many. She is going to have a fabulous life...I just know it.