five favorites ~ vol. 5...the courtney edition

Joining Hallie this week...I haven't done a Five Favorites Post in a little while so I thought I would jump in this week. Since our fabulous and ferociously independent Courtney Elizabeth will celebrate her twenty-first birthday on Sunday, I thought I would share five of my favorite photos of her taken throughout the years.

This photo was taken before Miss Courtney received her ACTH treatment in June 1993. She was nine months old and in the next four weeks she would lose her sight due to an allergic reaction to the treatment. This is the last photo taken that we know that she could "see" us. Her smile and laughter just slay me. She was and remains to this day a very happy person.

This photo was taken on Jonathan's First Communion Day, May of 1997. The reason I chose it as one of my favorites is this is the first time we got Miss Courtney to sit on her own, balancing herself for just a moment or two, time enough for the photo to be taken. Jonathan is the oldest of the grandchildren on both sides of our family, so this photo just takes me back to the beginning of when my siblings were beginning to have children. Oh how fast time goes...

This is a photo of Miss Courtney and my Daddy's dog Frieda. Courtney loved this dog. She would lay on top of her every time they would share the couch. This photo brings tears to my eyes, reminding me of the love my Daddy had for his special dog. Frieda is no longer with us and neither is my Daddy, but my girl still fights everyday to remain here, for however long God determines.

I truly love this photo of Courtney and her big brother Jonathan. This was taken in June of 2007 in the Kilmer Center Library in Vienna, VA. Courtney attended the school from Jan 2005 until she graduated last June (2013). Jonathan's Eagle Scout project was to re-do the schools library. He raised almost six thousand dollars allowing him to paint and purchase over one thousand books for the library. The students still use this today. Such a proud moment for our family. The love between these two is so evident in this photo. The only person Miss Courtney admires more is her Papa.

This is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever taken of my sweet girl. I took it on my phone one morning as we were coming home from daily Mass. The peace and joy on my girl's face just slays me. To know that one day, she will dance with her Beloved Lord...can you imagine what her face will look like on that day?? It's almost two much for me to comprehend...

Thanks for taking this little trip down memory lane with me...