on this day i married my best friend...

August 6, 1988

The day has arrived. Twenty-five years ago it was hot and muggy, my veil was sticking to my face and the sweat was dripping down my back as I waited in the back of the US Naval Academy Chapel preparing to walk down the aisle to a new life with my sweet husband.

This morning it is raining buckets, Miss Courtney has been awake since 4 a.m. and I spilled coffee all over my sweet husbands dress shirt requiring a wardrobe change, after a few colorful metaphors insinuating my need for his quick demise and how I would spend the insurance money.

Oh how life changes in twenty-five years...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, we love each other.

Yes, we annoy each other.

Yes, we would lay down our lives for each other.

Oh wait...we already do.

August 4, 1988 curtesy of AndreaGayleDesign

He leaves each day as the sun rises so we are able to live in our home and take care of our children. The days are not always sunshine and roses but he makes it happen for us. He lays aside the dreams of his heart and works through all the messiness of life to provide for us.

I stay her and take care of our home creating a safe haven for him to return home to, mind you one with laundry piles but it is safe nonetheless. I too have set aside personal dreams when they conflict with the needs of the family so there is peace in the kingdom. It is a honor and a joy to do so, always keeping in mid the goal...

I am his path to sanctification and he is mine.

So even though this post is not as funny or revealing as his was...it is still filled with all the love and laughter of twenty five years walking beside the finest man I have ever had the privilege of knowing and loving.

To my parents, Joe and Marianne who would have celebrated their 48th Wedding Anniversary today had m father survived his cancer...I love you more than words can say...thank you for being the very BEST parents a girl could ask for...even if I hated you...sometimes...well most of high school...but I am so glad you loved and guided me with a strong hand, even stronger hearts and the faith of Lions...

Now for the sappy video tribute...enjoy!

25th Wedding Anniversary from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

If you cannot view the video you can click here to see it. 

**songs in the video as follows..."I Could Get Used to This" by Treva Blomquist. "When I Say I Do" by Matthew West, "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath