one determined young lady...

While yesterday was a little up, a little down for my Courtney, today was ALL up. My girl was a ROCK STAR!!

I know, I know, you are probably tired of me talking about Miss Courtney and her world but today was just awesome to watch. We were up early to make it down to DC for PT with our favorite therapist of all time, Miss Pam. Courtney had been up late last night not wanting to sleep so I wasn't sure how this mornings session would go.

apparently she does the "cha cha cha" in her sleep every night. 


She actually held her own weight on her very skinny long legs. She helped transfer from her wheelchair to the table with very little assistance. Then she decided sitting wasn't what she was interested in and kept trying to stand up...on her own!!

Oh yes my friends, it was flipping awesome. Miss Pam told Courtney whatever she wanted to do, we would do. First up, she took a step without her leg stabilizers on.

I know...amazing right!!

Papa and his favorite girl...of course she would stick out her tongue for me...

This kid hasn't done anything close to this since she was three or four years old. I was absolutely in awe of her determination and overall improved body strength. It was an amazing hour. Court pushed herself up onto her elbows while doing her mat time and rolled herself over to do her back stretches, without assistance!

I know that there are days when I am in tears because she is on seizure number four, or she is sick and just having a very hard time of things. But then there are days like today when you just watch her and shake your head in amazement because she is actually doing something that the docs said she would never do. 

I really like days like today. Of course she has had a seizure and her visitor showed up right on time, so there is no perfection, but I will take all that and no sleep for what I got to witness this morning.

yep, sticking out her tongue the latest accomplishment.
amazing what milestones you celebrate when you have a special one...

No, life is not perfect, not even close.

No, Courtney will never be able to live on her own or be completely independent.

No, she will probably never be seizure free.


The doctors said she would not survive her first birthday, her third birthday or her fifth birthday. 

She will be twenty-one on Sunday.

The doctors said she would never walk or talk.

She took four steps today without leg stabilizers or a gait trainer. She sang the entire time.

The doctors said she would never feed herself.

She can now hold a spoon and loves to try to feed herself, most of the time she hits her ear, but we are working on this skill.

sleepy girl after all that hard work...

The doctors said that she would never participate in the world around her. 

She nods her head and looks to whomever is speaking to her. She giggles when her Daddy and her big brother make character voices when they read to her. She sings when the choir sings at church. She sings when the choir stops singing at church.

There are many things the doctors and therapists of old said our girl would never do.  However, what I have learned over the years is to never underestimate the power of this determined young lady. After all when she is being lifted up each day by the prayers of so many how can she do anything BUT succeed.

One day at a matter what happens...good, bad, wonderful, horrible...

God is with us.

So what do you say Miss Courtney...feel like learning how to walk independently by twenty-two?

As always...Mama's all in girlfriend...let's do this thing!

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