pretty, happy, funny, real...

Normally on Thursdays I have lots of photos of happy little projects that I have been doing around the house or a lovely recipe to share. Alas this week I have nothing. This morning began early at 5:43 a.m. with a wonderful 8 minute grand mal seizure for my sweet Courtney. Then as i stumbled into the kitchen, heart pounding and hands shaking looking for some sweet java, I discovered the cupboards empty of the sweet java juice. That was almost as horrifying as the seizure!

Then there was the call from the auto mechanic giving me the amount of our current car repair. I almost fainted at the number all while running the numbers in my head figuring out who/what I would have to sell in order to pay for it. Oh the joys of car ownership. I decided at that moment to snuggle with Miss Courtney who was sleeping off the dreaded seizure.

After showering, my day started looking up when a sweet neighbor anonymously dropped off a pound of coffee at my door that I tripped over as I was getting the morning mail. Oh how I love the anonymous love bomb. I truly do. Miss are the BEST!! Thank you!!

As I carried the mail back into the house and felt my previous joy began to slip away as I opened envelope after envelope of medical bills for the Courtmeister. Sweet Lord does it ever end! They equaled a mortgage payment or three. UGH!! Then there was another seizure for my girl, this time lasting a good five minutes. At this point I just wanted to crawl in a corner and start to rock back and forth slowly waiting for the day to end.

But instead I decided to be proactive and do some dishes. I settled Miss Court into her comfy chair and got to work. This moment of homemaking industriousness was rewarded with the faucet hand;e in my hand, a blast of water coming at me from the faucet that reminded me of those fabulous sitcom moments when the plumbing goes all awry. I was sputtering water and began screaming...NO! NO! NO! plumbing went all awry...well not my personal plumbing per kitchen's plumbing. My personal plumbing has been awry for some time but we can talk about that some other day.

Anyhoo...when my life decides it is time for Titanic like disaster, we don't mess around my friends. We just take on that glacier and go down with the ship. Oh yeah...I was in full blown panic at this point. PANIC I tell you. I had to turn off the main water to the house, put the facet back together with DUCT TAPE and call my husband and ask exactly how much he knew about kitchen plumbing.

Thank goodness for You Tube is all I have to say about that. My husband the plumber...just as long as he keeps his crack to himself we will be all good. Oh sorry...I digress.

In the next 24 hours we hope to have one working car, one working sink, and of course this means we will have very little dinero to get us through the next few weeks. It's just how we roll sometimes.

Did I mention we are hosting a small gathering next Tuesday for family and a few friends to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary that was set two months ago and I still have stuff to do for that?? Oh yeah we like to live on the edge here at Chez Lenaburg...on the edge I tell you!! Today just blew my party budget out of the we will going to plan F...whatever that is...

As for Miss Courtney...she is on seizure number four for the day. This last one lasting about six minutes and included blue lips and vomiting. Please Lord just make it stop...just make it stop...

So my {pretty, happy, funny, real} for this week is to look at the flowers above and just appreciate the simple beauty they represent. I will not worry about everything that must happen between now and Tuesday. I will not! I just can't. i got nothing left today my friends. Nothin!

I will simply hold my girl and rock slowly loving her as best I can because that's all I know how to do.

One last thing...there is NO chocolate in the house either...oh yeah...TITANIC disaster I tell you...TITANIC!!

Happy Thursday! I promise I will get back to my happy place tomorrow...or maybe Saturday...well some day...

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~