pretty, happy,funny, real...

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

OK this will be the last post on our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration, I promise. Between that and Miss Courtney's twenty-first birthday this weekend, you are going to be sick of seeing photos of our family. Next week there will be book reviews, sewing and baking...I pinky swear.

You know it's going to be an interesting night when you make your pastor do a face palm. Yep, we are that couple.

This was a lovely moment walking into our little historic church filled with those we hold closest to our hearts. I love the look on my hubby's face. He was so happy to see everyone there. That's not a typical situation for him. Just think Eeyore...that's my guy.

One of my favorite photos of the photoshop...just us. I love this man with all my heart. He makes me laugh, he makes me crazy mad, he makes me be a better woman. He is my path to sanctification and I do not take that lightly. I can think of nothing better than to spend an eternity with my guy and Jesus.

I wore my Easter dress, a simple pink cardigan from Lands End and the pearls my husband gave me when Jonathan was born. Jerry was determined NOT to wear a tie so I found a lovely dress shirt that worked with my Navy/Pink theme and we added his trusty Navy blazer. I think it was the perfect balance for the evening.

Courtney was head to toe Talbots (bought on sale of course) and with the addition of her oink chucks (because they are pink like a piggy), she was happy as a clam. We are pictures above with her God mother Miss Sharon, one of my oldest dearest friends, whom I have known since the eleventh grade.

Jonathan was simply attired as well. He was supposed to be in khaki pants but he needed a new pair and they did not arrive on time. So he was just as happy to be in jeans. Not my first choice but there wasn't anything I could do, so I let that little detail go. He did an awesome job with the first reading. Taking photos is not his favorite thing on the planet...not that you could tell...

When it came time to renew our vows I got a little veklempt. The tears began to flow and I was all choked up. I imagined that very first moment when I knew I loved this man. He was and has always been one of the most honorable, funny, honest, handsome and kind men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. To think that he chose me overwhelms me at times. He is that special and I will spend my life loving him right back.

He still drives me crazy some times and makes me want to hit something with a baseball bat, but this night...this night was as close to perfect as they come. He went with the typical Lenaburg "I will not get emotional face". It worked like a charm. Not a tear from him. A little misty but nothing falling down.

My younger brother Tim photo bombed this lovely photo of my Mom, myself and my baby sister. Yep, happens every time we are all together. Siblings...sheesh...can't live with them...don't want to live without them!

It was a wonderful night, surrounded by love and laughter. I look forward to the next twenty-five years. Maybe things will be a little calmer...what do you think?

Yeah, I thought so. Let's strap in because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Good thing I have Depends...LOL!

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