what i wore sunday ~ vol. 28...preparing...

Hi All,
Mary here. Oh right...it's always me, Mary here.

OK...so I took one photo today of Miss Courtney and I for #WIWS. Here you go...the theme was navy and blue...

We have been on the run all day long, knee deep in preparations for Tuesdays big celebration.

Oh you haven't heard? Well, the Mister and I will be celebrating twenty-five years of wedded bliss on Tuesday with a Mass and re-newel of vows. We will be hosting a very small reception afterward filled with lots of sweet treats.

So I have been prepping cookie batter and fruit out the wazoo. There are linens to iron and flowers to cut. Things are much simpler than we had originally planned due to recent events, but they will be classy and elegant just the same.

I cannot believe we started out like this:

And then we were here:

And now we are here:

Time flies when you are living the crazy life like we have. So this week the blog will be dedicated to celebrating life, love and perseverance of the highest order...that little thing called marriage!! The changing hair and waistlines will make your head spin but oh baby what a ride it has been! So join me and the Mister and we reminisce and go down memory lane...

Happy Sunday everyone. May your week be blessed and may your coffee pot never be empty!

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