what i wore sunday ~ vol. 30...

Daddy and Big Brother Jonathan sing to Miss Courtney...

Today was a really wonderful day here at Chez Lenaburg. My sweet Courtney Elizabeth celebrated her 21st Birthday! It's hard for me to believe that we made it this far given how difficult this last year has been for our girl. Never count out my Courtney. She is strong and determined to do her job here on earth and will not leave before God calls her home.

One sweet highlight of our day was when the ENTIRE congregation at the 11 a.m. mass sang "Happy Birthday" to Courtney after the recessional song had been sung. It was a total surprise from the choir director. I was just stunned! Our daughter is so love by so many, there really are no words. I will write more about her birthday celebrations tomorrow but for today we will stick to the fashion.

Miss Courtney was wearing a denim blouse from LLBean and her orange Chucks. the skirt she had on used to be a dress, but we were having trouble with getting it over her head with her should issues, so I just cut off the bodice, serged the waistband and added a new zipper...walahh...a new orange gingham skirt.

My mother - Grandma Green - joined us for the BIG day...

We made our annual pilgrimage down to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC as we have for Courtney's birthday every year since 2007. I will write more about it tomorrow, lets just say there was lots of prayer, beautiful scenery and maybe a little panicked phone call to AAA when I locked the keys in the car. Yep...always eventful when you travel with the Lenaburg's.

I wore a beautiful blue and cream zig-zag sweater form Lands End thanks to a gift card from a sweet friend. The khakis you have seen before. The accessories were from Charming Charlie and the midnight blue peep toe shoes are Bandalino from Macy's, on sale of course.

It's funny when I see myself in photos I can really see the "apple" shape of my body. Yowza! I am not sure there are enough sit-ups in the world to ever overcome this shape. I guess I will just have to keep after it. I have discovered that I do look better in a skirt than in slacks. With the cold weather coming in a few months, this could be a challenge wardrobe wise.

How about you ladies that wear skirts year round? How do you accessorize them in the winter. Boots? Tights? Leggings? I would love to know.

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