what i wore sunday ~ vol. 29...

Hi Ho...what up my #WIWS homies??? I hope all is well at your house. In mine, none of the appliances have broken today so that's always a fabo day here at Chez Lenaburg. This morning we headed off to the 11 a.m. Mass where one of our Deacons was preaching. Deacon Marques happens to be the hubsters BFF and is married to my BFF Christine. He always knows just how far to take a convicting sermon. Needless to say he left me much to think about this week. "Where ever your treasure is, that is where your heart shall go." AS always it should be focused on Christ and His plan for my life...not the latest sale at Nordstroms. Yep, lots to ponder. Thanks DQ for making me think once again. 

Anyway, Miss Courtney has decided that taking photos before Mass is no longer her favorite pastime, so there are no smiles in her photos, but she was humming and a singing the whole time. I picked up her sweater at Target. It has a porcupine on the front and since Miss C can sometimes be a little prickly I thought it was very appropriate for this morning. Combine that with a pair of graphic print slacks and some spectacular ocean blue flats and she was all set to go hang out with Jesus.

Daddy was dressed in a fabulous madras shirt that I found at Brooks Brothers for sixty percent off. It was an anniversary present. It's the first thing I have ever bought there and I must say the quality is quite good. Now I know why they charge so much for there stuff.

I was in the mood for something tropical. Since we aren't traveling at all this summer (let's be real, we just don't travel), so I decided that if I couldn't go to the tropics, I would simply just wear them. So bring on the bight colors and palm tree prints.

I had a green necklace on but it seemed a bit too much and I edited it out. Sometimes less is more. I love my shoes. They are extremely comfy and match everything I own. I bought them last season at Lane Bryant and I hope they last many more seasons.

As for my funky dance moves...I got nothin...ummmmm....yeah...nothin...

Have a great Sunday everyone...

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