and then...there was snot...

HA! I made you read didn't I? With a title like that I mean come on you had to look didn't you? I know, I know...I'm weird that way.

Anyhoo, Miss Courtney is down for the count. There is snot and a fever and sneezing and coughing and bottom blowing. Oh let me tell you my friends, their is no scented candle that will take away the smell of a good bottom blow. Praise God the windows are open and it the scent in the living room is no longer Eu de PeuPoo.

On top of all that her cycle is due to start any day now. Can I just say...diapering nightmare...yep.

Needless to say there will be no What I Wore Sunday post today because it's just not that attractive. Think old yoga pants, paint splattered t-shirt and wool socks.

Sexy no?

I have discovered that one of the major health benefits of having a child that cannot cover their mouth when the sneeze or cough is increased flexibility throughout my body. It's duck and cover central here today. Think action movie with Bruce Willis leaping across the room dodging a bullet but instead it's me trying to catch the flying snot before it hits the book shelf.

Sometimes I win, and sometimes I am slimed. That is the life of a mother with little to no sleep who is mainlining Vitamin C and caffeine.

I gotta say though...Snotopolis is not the most becoming look for my daughter. Not at all. Can we talk snot matted hair for a moment?

Oh you're eating breakfast. So sorry. We can chat about that later. I am patient that way.

PLEASE. PLEASE, PLEASE pray that this nightmare passes quickly. We are on Day Two so I am hoping by tomorrow she will be on the upswing. We have a barium swallow test scheduled for Tuesday that has been on the books for three months. I really, really don't want to have to cancel and reschedule.

Also, the worst thing that can happen for Miss C is that this thing makes it way to her chest. THAT never ends well.

So please send a few healing prayers up to Our Lady and The Big Man on behalf of Miss C. I would love you forever. Well I already do...but I would REALLY love you forever.

AaaaaCchhooooo...splat...just keeping it real here at Chez Lenaburg.

Have a great Sunday y'all. Happy Feast Day to my beautiful and wonderful parish family at St. Mary of Sorrows. Love you all so much.