fall...how i lurve you so...

this morning I woke up with a youth ministry hangover...which simply means that monday mornings challenge me due to the lateness of sunday nights...i really wouldn't change it though...i love working with high schoolers...they are kinda cool and wise beyond their years...they love God deeply and are searching for ways to evangelize the world around them that doesn't want to hear about Jesus...but that being aid ministry is not without it's challenges...miss courtney was not interested in helping last night and kept trying to pull herself out if her wheelchair...so big brother came after work and rescued us...this whole mobility thing with courtney is kind of blowing my mind...i truly do not know what to do with her...she is rolling and holding herself up...she thinks that bedtime means a WWF wrestling match with her pillows...she is humming and talking ALL the time and sometimes I think she is upset with me for not understanding exactly what she is trying to tell me...yet the child will not use a communication devise...not a switch...not an iPad...nadda...so freaking stubborn is this one...when we put her on the floor to do her work she rolls back and forth and just laughs and giggles...she rolls into furniture and all i keep thinking is sweet gracious we need our own gym but that ain't happening...so we continue to see improvement for our girl and her parents continue to marvel at what God is revealing though her...doesn't mean we are not confused as heck but then what's new with that??...anyway this monday has been a slow and steady stream of happy fall moments...there was hot coffee followed by an apple cider donut freshly made and given to me by a sweet neighbor...then i mailed a little love both north and west...received another early birthday gift from a dear friend...a pumpkin candle that is burning as i type...i do love this season more than any other...there is apple cider, pumpkin soup, chia tea, warm wool socks, and sweatshirts...so much to be grateful for...oh happy day...

I am grateful for:

#1414 - #1453
** praises for the safety of a family member that was present at the Navy Yard shooting
** family...the good and the bad
** flannel sheets
** movement and mobility where once there was none
** fall sweater s and fuzzy socks
** fresh baked apple cider donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar
** laundry hanging on the line and flapping in the breeze
** NCIS marathon while ironing
** football, lots of football
** bleach
** pumpkin scented candles
** a new season of marshmallows and hot chocolate
** nap time for Mama
** good books
** a Sunday afternoon spent reading those good boks
** a new shade of lipstick
** a fresh container of mascara
** youth ministry...doing God's work is always a blessing
** holding babies and making them smile
** sending a little love through the mail as a surprise
** answering pen pals letters
** re-connecting with dear friends
** receiving presents and feeling so incredibly blessed
** loving my husband
** holding my daughter as she fall asleep
** watching her learn that she really can move in a certain way
** spending time with my BFF while sipping a hot cup of Lady Grey tea
** celebrating the upcoming marriage of a sweet friend
** attending a bridal tea and seeing all the love being given to the bride-to-be
** family heirloom silver and china - oh the stories they could tell
** celebrating love
** english tea sandwiches
** cranberry orange scones
** Kathy's ginger cookies
** crocheted granny squares sewn together with love
** cold water after a long walk
** laundry washed, folded and put away
** champagne freely flowing
** new recipes to inspire creativity in the kitchen
** the promise of the week ahead

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