five favorites ~ vol.8...

Trying to get back in my blogging groove back so you get to here from me twice in one day...I know...lucky you. Since I have been homebound with Miss Courtney I have done a ton of reading and internet surfing. I probably should have been cleaning bathrooms and ironing but alas, I am just not that motivated a homemaker, at least not this week.

Here are my Five Favorites for the week. Joining Hallie @ MoxieWife. So let's talk fall trends shall we...

animal prints - since I am the shape of a cake pop, I have to be careful with this one. It could look classy, trashy or just plain cra cra. I found this sweater from Lands End and I really like it. So maybe it will come my way for my birthday next week...hint,hint...

camaflouge - I am not a hugs fan of it unless your going duck hunting and cince I just go to Wegman's to buy my duck (much less messy that way) I needed to find a different way to interpret this trend. I found this awesome scarf at JCrew and will be waiting for a lovely little sale to purchase it. I love that they paired it with pink. Feminie Cammo...who knew?

found here...

emerald green - this is one of my favorite colors on the color wheel. One of my favorite dresses of all time was one I wore for Homecoming my junior year. It was velvet green dropped waist Jessica McClintock dress and I loved it. I wore it for three years. I don't think I have owned anything in that particular color since. I found this cute top with a great graphic pattern that I think will do nicely. Now to find a dress in this rich color.

leather - again another tricky one for me. I have a strong personality but dominatrix I am not. Not sure if I can really pull this one off. I saw this coat and though Miss Courtney would look fabulous in it. leather trim is something she could pull off. Love the color and the!

winter white - I got a pair of trousers in winter white for Christmas last year and was so very happy. Unfortunately and fortunately I have lost three sizes since then and will need a new pair this fall. I really like this one from Charter Club. 

Well there you have it, five trends and five choices. What trend are you looking forward to most??

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