moving through the mess...

I am finally getting a handle on things here at Chez Lenaburg with Miss Courtney's new schedule. Slowly but surely we are getting through each day adding one more exercise to her regimine. She is handling it all like a champion. But then, that shouldn't surprise me at all. My girl is a fighter and God still has work for her to do here, so work we shall.

We also undertook a major home re-organization this weekend moving bedrooms around to make our home work more efficiently for the four adults who live here. I feel like we just moved in. There are boxes everywhere and books stacked. The next big step will be to paint each room as we go through the fall season.

Closet contents and dressers were moved around and wardrobes gone thorugh. I dropped doff nine bags of clothing and linens at the Goodwill today and we aren't done yet. It amazes me what we have fit into this home over the past fourteen years. Yowza!

Anyhoo, between those two major changes, life has been quite full and my time here in this space quite limited. You guys have been so kind and understanding. I miss you too!! Thank you for sending me such encouragement. I have the most amazing readers. You humble me, you truly do.

I send kisses and hugs to each of you and I look forward to being back here in the next few days.

Y'all are the VERY best!! Thanks for hanging in with me...