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It has been a few weeks since I have actually posted for pretty, happy, funny real. Miss Courtney is doing ever so much better this morning so I thought I would take a moment or two and throw up a few photos from our major bedroom re-org a few weeks ago.

We live in a 1969 Cape Cod home that has two levels and about 1,100 square feet and that includes the garage. With three adults and one special needs adult living under one roof, space is at a premium. Miss Courtney has to be downstairs so the hubster and I have been down their with her for the last five years.  It's much easier to get to her in a hurry if she is having a seizure in the middle of the night.

Our son pretty much took over the upstairs in that time which was fine, for awhile. Now that Miss courtney has been home full-time for an entire year, we needed to make some changes. Jerry and I really missed out privacy and I wanted to make a dedicated space for my sewing and ironing that was NOT in the living room. Way to hard to make tidy when company pops in.

So the great room shuffle began. Jonathan came downstairs and Mom and Dad went upstairs. A new baby monitor with a video screen was purchased so I could see my girl all through the night while up in my own room. This way if she has a seizure I hear it and am down with her in two shakes. She has done so well these last few months with her seizures. None overnight in several weeks.

It's been interesting to watch her as she sings or hums herself to sleep. It's so very sweet. Anyway, let's get back to the room rearranging shall we. This is where we begin...with a whole bunch of stuff piled high...and in every corner. this room is designated as the master bedroom but we have been using it as an office for these five years so there was tons of stuff to go through.

Things started to take shape as we went through every drawer, shelf and bin. Oy vey have we collected a lot over the years. This was the perfect time to go through it all and donate what we could. I cannot stress enough how good it feels to send bags of stuff out of the house...I love it!

Once the bed was placed, the real work began. Books, clothes, linens and my sewing stuff all needed to be organized so the other furniture could be placed. We decided that we weren't going to paint until later this fall so we began getting everything just so.

It took the rest of the weekend to get it all done. I will say that my favorite part of the room are the reading chairs. I think it's Jerry's as well. We both love to read before bed and since we don't have a headboard (yet) to lean on, we both use the chairs.

There is still much to do. Paint, put up out pictures as well as get the sewing corner done. I also want to purchase a padded bench for the end of the bed. Something yellow I think, we shall see. I am also pondering paint colors. I want to paint below the chair rail one color, maybe a navy blue and above the chair rail another...maybe a cream. I don't know. Thoughts?? Ideas??

This is my sewing corner. Yes, I still need to finish organizing it but I am sort of stuck for storage ideas. Whatcha' got my friends. A little inspiration would be so appreciated.

So there is my pretty, happy, funny, real. Can't wait to see the blogroll. You all always inspire me!!

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