rolling over...

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or may have seen this post/picture earlier today:

"See this face...this is the face of of triumph! Miss Courtney just rolled over from tummy to back completed UNASSISTED for the FIRST time EVER! She is giggling she is do pleased with herself. It only took 21 years but she did it all by herself. So damn proud of this young woman right now! #mamatears"

To say that is was a monumental moment in my world would be quite the understatement. There was clapping and hugging and squeals of delight and that was just from me.

Miss Courtney just giggled.

You want to know why?

...because I missed the whole darn thing. do I know she rolled over unassisted?? Because one minute I placed her on her tummy for her requisite "tummy time" to stretch her quads, hip flexors and back, went to bring something upstairs and when I came back down 90 seconds later to check on her, she was flat on her back, legs doing the aerial cha cha, flapping her hands together and giggling like she had a secret.

I tried to get her to do it again but she just kept laughing and straightening her body into a stiff board each time I tried.

Stubborn young woman...sheesh. I wonder where she gets that from.

Why is it that my daughter decides to roll over from tummy to back all by herself for the FIRST TIME EVER and she refuses to let her mother witness said miracle??

...because she is Miss Princess Sassy Pants and she will do things her way and her way only!

That was our was yours?

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