searching my heart for gratitude...

It has been a very long 48 hours...ending with the cancellation and re-scheduling of Miss Courtney's Barium Swallow test. I didn't want to but she still cannot breathe through her nose and is creating a wicked amount of extra mucus that would hinder the test. So the tough choice was made and she is finally sleeping after a lloooooonnnngggg day of restlessness and general grumpiness.

Needless to say I am feeling a little dispirited this evening. I really wanted to get this particular test done to have a little peace of mind in regards to my girls eating capabilities.

I console myself with the fact that God's timing is perfect timing so I will once more learn a little bit of patience and will march on caring for her as best as I can. Setbacks will come and I need to do a little bit better job in dealing with them positively.

Maybe one day I will get it all in one sock.

Yesterday brought a little more stress my way when I was in a little fender bender on the way to Mass. Talk about feeling a little closer to Jesus...yowza...not to worry everyone was fine and I even made it to Mass on time. Not my finest hour I will admit.

So what does one do when the beginning of the week has handed me one big crap sandwich?

I search my heart for gratitude, desperately seeking to identify all the blessings in my life to calm my heart and my stomach. Then I make a choice to soldier on for that is all I really can do.

There is much in the middle of this current pile of muck to be grateful for...
#1382 - #1413
** new spectacles to help a girl see the joy in life
** alka seltzer cold medicine a godsend to helping my girl sleep
** lemon scented bleach that helps make doing the 4 millionth load of laundry pleasant
** hot tea with lemon for one tired Momma
** dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt...a little piece of heaven
** a cabinet full of BBC DVD's to help with the late night rocking duties 
** a vaporizer and the healing steam it brings
** hot soup and fresh bread
** letters from pen pals that bring a smile to my face
** anticipating an epic visit from a dear on-line friend, soon to be in-person friend
** cuddling new babies and thinking of the hope they bring
** the courageous man I married
** good books from the free library
** renewing my Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
** Celebrating the feast day of my parish St. Mary of Sorrows
** reading the inspired word of God
** sewing new flannel pj's for my sweet daughter
** creating something special for a bride-to-be
** offering prayers for those affected by today's violence in DC
** holding my daughter and singing...all through the night...
** gently bathing my girl trying to get rid of all the snot from her face and hair
** medical insurance and the freedom it allows us
** the generosity of friends and family who support us through all the insanity
** getting to enjoy a day out with a dear friend from high school catching up on life
** celebrating my birthday early with a lovely slice of vanilla bean cheesecake !bonus!
** mother's helpers who sing while they work-it makes for such a joy filled home
** making the choice to laugh when all I want to do is cry
** beautiful fall wether that calls me outside seeking the sun and the breeze
** forgiveness - it makes the word go round
** a fan filled with paint colors allowing this tired Momma to dream a little
** the hope of the holidays fast approaching
** you're prayers and good wishes - jewels in the crown of my life

Please join Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience to celebrate the little gifts given each day by the ONE who loves us most!

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