the joy journey ~ vol. 13 ~ a bunch of scraps...

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to attend a Bridal Shower Tea for one of my writing friends. I went early to help the hostess make the tea sandwiches, set the table and make sure all was ready for the guest of honor.

As we were making the sandwiches, there were scraps of bread left over. We set them aside and when all the sandwiches were made, she asked what we should do with the scraps. I asked if it was OK with her, I would take them home. She asked what would I do with them? They were just scraps.

Scraps? I don’t think so. I saw the beginnings of a tasty meal. There was no way I was going to let her homemade sourdough bread go to waist.

I told her I would make my mothers “leftover” egg casserole. It’s what she made every Thursday before her regular shopping day. You toast the leftover bread, saute any veggies left in the veggie drawer. There was always something. Then you add 6-8 eggs with a cup or so of milk. Put all the ingredients in a 9×13 pan and bake at 350 degrees until eggs are set.

A beautiful meal can come from the simplest of ingredients.

My mother taught me that.