what i wore sunday ~ vol. 32...

Yep...I know it's Monday. I am behind as ususal. Here is the outfit I wore Sunday. Nothing original here I don't think but just the fact that all three pieces are worn together. This weekend was the Youth Ministry Kick-off for our parish and my hubby and I are Core Team Members. So my outfit needed to be able to survive close to 100 high schoolers and the insanity they bring with them.

I really love this sweater. I cannot remember where I got it, but it is a favorite. It's very lightweight which works for me in my current phase of life. The shoes were from DSW and the earring from Charming Charlies. I do love a good chandelier earring.

Miss Courtney was not in the mood to smile for her photo yesterday so we have an action shot instead. She had just rolled over from tummy time and was happily performing her favorite dance...the can-can. She embraced her inner Irish with the colors of the Irish flag. This will probably be the last time she wears the tangerine blouse until the spring. It's a bit to thin for the cooler weather. She and I both decided to wear orange flats this weekend.

Cute, yes?

We shall see what inspiration I can find for outfits this week. The weather is insane, like July! Cra cra I tell you...

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