what i wore sunday ~ vol. 33 ...

"Mama...is that the sun??"...

Hi Ho my happy friends. It's Sunday and time for another edition of "holy cow what the heck am I going to where and be able to sit down and not split my skirt at Mass since I had too much cake yesterday!" 

Yes, indeed my friends, yesterday I attended a lovely bridal tea and had a few too many delightful delicacies to wear one of my "skinny" outfits. It was totally worth every calorie but did present a challenge for today.

My denim dress has been quite the servicable piece for me in the two years I have owned it. I like it so much I had it taken in after my recent weight loss and will conider doing that again as I keep losing weight. It's a princess seam cut with a mandarin collar and v-neck button front closure. I think it's one of my most flattering pieces I own. So, I chose this oldie but goodie, then added a special accessory. 

My sweet friend Karen lives in CA and she sent me a gift last week. She sent a Jonathan Adler silk scarf for my upcoming birthday. I was so stunned I couldn't believe it.  It's absolutely beautiful and has my two favorite colors on the planet interwoven...kelly green and navy blue. I just love it and feel incredibly blessed to have some pretty incredible people in my life that treat me so well. I added in a few pieces of  kelly green costume jewelry and off to Mass we went. 

Miss Courtney was a bit cranky as we were taking picture but as soon as I put the camera down, she started to giggle. So determined to flummox me that one and oh how successful she is! Anyway, today we had fun with a little royal purple and pulled out the black boots for the first time since last spring. 

I love this sweater. It's open front without buttons and really drapes nicely on her It's from New York and Company and so is the ruched front blouse. Such a lovely shade of purple. I think it really picks up on her fair coloring and adds a little life to her. Add in a purple head band and off we went. 

I hope y'all have a great Sunday!! I know we will now that everyone is healthy again. 

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