what i wore sunday ~ vol. 34 ...

It's starting to get cooler here in Northern VA and this week I took a little sweater inventory. I feel pretty good with what's in the closet and am only missing one "color/pattern" that I would like to have and that's a leopard print cardigan. The fall clothing budget is pretty non-existent due to Miss Courtney's therapy bills but no worries...there shall be a sale somewhere, somehow, sometime that will bring said sweater my way. I have faith...and I really would like that cardigan.

SO this week I have officially gotten rid of every size 20w I have in my wardrobe. I am now in a few 18w's but mostly moving into the 16w's. Wahoo!! So excited. Now to really punch up ab workouts and  begin to slowly increase the cardio. The changes in my energy level as well as my emotional outlook has been huge.

This change has taken a very long time and I really just starting. I have met the first of three weight goals and I am determined to get to the end. This time, I have fully entered into the process and am actually enjoying the transformation. Slow and steady wins the race.

OK...so what did Miss Courtney and I wear to Mass today??

I will be honest and say I like this outfit better on the hanger than on me. I lurve paisley prints something fierce and was thrilled that I found this blouse from at Macy's during one of their HUGE one day sales. The pants are from Dress Barn and one of the last 18w's in my closet. They fit nicely at the waist but are too big through the legs. Ahh the joy of being a cakepop.

I accessorized with simple gold chains. I am thinking that I should have gone with color to find it among the paisley print. I am always learning when it comes to styling my outfits. It's funny. I do so well with other people but when it comes to my own wardrobe I tend to air on the more conservative side of styling. How would you have styled this outfit?

Miss Courtney channeled her 50 shades of grey/black. She has had a very good week this week. A definite pick-up in seizure activity but that's to be expected when her cycle starts. She has been very unhappy sitting still for long periods of time. My girl has to move, now that she can. I think this winter is going to be very interesting indeed.

Her blouse is from the Gap, the pants from DressBarn and her peplum striped sweater from Target. The shoes are from Stride Rote. Again...I think my color mojo was a little off today. I need to spend a little time editing her closet. She has more than enough for the fall and winter, I just need to put together a few new combos of things.

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Sunday surrounded by those you love the most. So much to pray for in the coming week. The Feast of St. Therese of Lieseux is on Tuesday. She is my mother's name saint and a big day of celebration in our house. So many wonderful prayers answered through her intercession. On Wednesday Miss courtney and i head up to Walter Reed National Medical Center to speak with first year medical students about medical ethics, end of life issues and what it's like raising a special needs child in today's world. We will join about 10 other families in a roundtable discussions. Always a wonderful day of witnessing God's providence for our Courtney. Prayers for a calm and peaceful heart  for Mama and a good day for my girl.

Blessings one and all!!

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