31 days of gratitude ~ day 14...slogging through the mud...

I feel like I am slogging my way through a fog today. We started the second phase of Miss Courtney's new med change this morning and I am hopeful that by the end of the week, things will calm down. She is having some pretty wicked seizures right now and I know that I am exhausted dealing with them. I can only imagine how she feels.

My day began at 3:17 a.m this morning when my beautiful girl had a whopper of an eight minute seizure which included gagging and choking, her lips turning blue and some pretty violent tonic clonic jerks, resulting in a bruise or two this morning on her shins. In trying to control the top half of her, I forgot to lower the bed rail and her poor little knobby legs hit it a time or two. I feel horrible for her.

So what'a a Mama to do? 

Well I cleared our schedule for the rest of the week so she can be home and rest. I also consulted with her dietician to make sure she is getting enough calories while she is expending so many with the seizures. Other than that...I pray and I work to make her as comfortable as I can. I bake and I fold laundry. I sing to her and I hold her close. I read to her...a lot.

One day at a time...one seizure at a time...and hopefully things will improve...soon...very soon.

Today I am grateful for...

#1621 - #1636

** a piece of dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt
** snuggling with my girl under a warm hand crocheted blanket, a gift from my sister-in-law
** packing a friends birthday present and anticipating their reaction
** getting to spend time with dear friends you have not been able to see in awhile
** meeting on of your on-line friends live and in person
** hours spent talking and getting to know said friend even better
** learning how to navigate BWI Airport...successfully...phew!
** being able to go to an actual grocery store and purchase what my family needs when so many cannot
** praying the rosary with my daughter
** homemade bread that doesn't feel like a rock
** GF pasta on sale at the store...it's the little things you know
** praise and worship music blaring while I clean the bathroom
** "skinny" jeans in one size smaller than in June
** watching over my girl from my "new-to-me" comfy chair 
** flannel, lots of flannel
** YOU and ALL your sweet prayers fro my girl

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