31 days of gratitude ~ day 15...when will I ever learn...

after a week...we have our first smile...finally!!

So my day began as it always does; a quick shower, cup of tea and then I wake up Miss Courtney and we get going with whatever is on the days schedule. As I was changing her diaper she decided that she had held things long enough and you can just guess what happened next. 

Gusher extraordinaire...jeez louise...when will I learn to move quicker with these things?? Thank goodness that this weeks schedule is light so Mama had time to clean up and recover from the lovely second shower. 

We are still getting used to her new med schedule and dosing. She is sleeping a lot more as her body adjusts and her seizures are pretty fierce at the moment. These things are to be expected at this point but it still draining physically and emotionally. 

So proud of my younger brother who was promoted to Captain in the fire department.
Pictured with his beautiful wife, daughters and our Mama. 

You would think that at this point in the game I would have learned this lesson, but no...I am not sure it ever will truly sink in. I am not sure I can let it. I always think that this is gong to be "the one time" that the seizures go away permanently and things change forever. I guess that's how I have stayed sane (or at least pretended to be) all these years.

Hope...always hope...can't lose hope...or I will loose my ever lovin mind...

shoots...maybe I already have...

So we keep going with our girl. One day at a time, one dose of meds at a time. She is so loved this iron-willed wonder of mine. With her wildly curly hair, string bean legs, buck tooth grin and funky laugh...oh how I love this miracle. She drives me bonkers sometimes with her stubborn temperament but I guess that's what keeps her with us...her fighting spirit.

me and my beautiful nieces...

Today I am grateful for:

#1637 - #1657

** homemade spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove
** my sweet little Birchbox surprise arriving in the mail
** being able to celebrate my bothers promotion with him
** spending time with my Mama reminiscing 
** holding my hunky hubby in my arms
** my hubby's smile...melts my heart every time
** surprises...love them...
** reading a book late into the night...needing to know how it ends
** needle and thread
** new yarn and the possibility of what I can create
** finding Miss Courtney's lost brush...the one that doesn't make her cry...thank you St. Anthony!!
** Pandora blaring while I am cooking supper
** My wooden fan that I keep in my purse for when my own personal summers fall upon me
** sequins and shiny things
** cherry Chapstick
** a new food magazine arriving in the mail...inspiring my menu plan
** praying for my eighth grade girls on this weekends Confirmation Retreat
** new yoga pants
** spending time with my younger brother, nieces and sister-in-law
** mashed potatoes and medium rare steak shared with family
** apple pie a-la-mode

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