31 days of gratitude ~ day 17...in which I begin antibiotics...

The day has not gone exactly like I planned but then when does it ever. 

Yesterday afternoon, I lifted Miss Courtney out of her bed and twisted to put her in her chair. You know that moment when your back speaks to you and says "Oh hell no, I don't move that way!"?? Yes, it was one of those moments. There was a sharp pain and Miss Courtney almost met the floor in a most ungracious way. 

I got her safely to the chair and then called for her big brother. Thankfully he had just returned from work and he took over while I got the heating pad and Advil. I spent the rest of the day in my chair as my back throbbed. I called the Doc and described what happened and he gave me instructions as well as an appointment for the next morning.

I hit the sack early and my awesome husband stepped in with Courtney's nighttime routine. I also noticed that my throat was a smidge soar and just chalked it up to post nasal drip from my seasonal allergies.

That was until I woke up in the middle of the morning choking and trying to swallow down what felt like a golf ball. My body was betraying me one muscle/lymph node at a time. So I sat up and prayed, and waited for the sun to rise all while the heat from the heating pad seeped into my back.

When it rains it pours...

So...it looks like I have lymphitis in my throat and a pulled oblique muscles to the right of my spine. I am on antibiotics and heavy Advil. I don't do stronger pain meds. They make me loopy as all get out, so I stick to the not so loopy stuff.

I am wearing a flannel shirt, leggings and warm socks. I am comfortable sitting next to my favorite girl who is smiling and laughing at me as I type this. I had to withdraw from this weekend Confirmation retreat since I am contagious for the next 48 hours. I hate that I may be disappointing people. It's one of the reasons why I don't sign up for things very often. Usually it's Miss Courtney and her issues, but this time it's all on Mama's head.

So, it will be a slow weekend filled with knitting and book reading, praying for my eighth graders and hoping for everything to heal quickly.

I think chocolate aids healing doesn't it? I thought so...

Today I am thankful for:

#1675 ~ #1691

** antibiotics, even when they taste yucky
** a husband who stepped in and made a bad day so much better
** a heating pad and comfy pillow
** cookbooks from the library
** chai tea latte and a sugar cookie
** cross-stitching Christmas gifts
** laughter...it cures whatever ails you
** macaroni and cheese and it's healing power
** the promise of pumpkin pie
** bedtime stories and bath time
** dancing with my husband in the living room, before I twisted my back
** black and white movies watched in the dark while sharing a bowl of popcorn with my beloved
** my husband is thankful for new recipes that use bacon
** watching Miss Courtney flipping her french fry curls out of her face
** cough drops that soothe a soar throat
** icons hanging on the wall that help me focus in prayer
** the redemptive grace of a Heavenly Father that loves me no matter how much I mess up

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