31 days of gratitude ~ day 16...pretty, happy, funny, real

The day has been a good one so far. I slept for more than three hours in a row. Miss Courtney has been seizure free now for almost 48 hours and there was enough coffee to make a pot to start my day. All in all good things.

Then I tripped and poured steaming hot water over my hand, stubbed my toe on Miss Courtney's bed and bit my tongue as I was eating my oatmeal. That one made me feel very special. I mean oatmeal requires so much chewing right? Right?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Then I got the mail and things just went from one level of hell to three levels of hell. Let's just say that those sneaky little envelopes with windows showed up in droves. Heaven help me...it's going to be a very long winter. You can find me here with Miss Court, sewing, baking and stitching, being frugal and saving money.

Ah well. Thank the Lord Jerry is back at work and his regular paycheck will arrive next week. These lovely little hiccups in life give me stomach cramps. Holding my daughter as she fights for breath is easier for me than dealing with medical bills and insurance paperwork.

Much easier.

I know that I am not alone in this. So many of you are dealing with the same situation. SO moving on...that's enough depressing thoughts for one post.

Let's get to the happy, gratitude part shall we??

Here is my pretty, happy, funny, real contribution for this week.

I draw your attention to the lovely pink pillow on the chair. My sweet niece Jessica made it for Miss Courtney's new room. I was so surprised and thrilled opening the package. Getting packages in the mail is one of my favorite things ever. It's like Christmas or my birthday!

The lovely embroidered pillow case was made by her younger sister, Samantha and the beautiful blankets on the chair were made my their mother Pam and my other sister-in- law Nancy. Miss Courtney is so loved by these women and so well cared for. We are blessed beyond measure I tell you!

Now we get to see their love on a daily basis. Yay!!

You might also notice that the chair in the photo is different from the one we bought form Craig's List. Well the "new-to-us" chair has a matching ottoman that I kept tripping over in her room. It also blocks her lift requiring me to move it each tome. So now that chair and ottoman are in the living room and this comfy chair went in her room. I think it works.

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Today I am grateful for:

#1658 - #1675

** homemade gifts sent in the mail of given on person
** mail delivered no matter what the weather
** a job for my husband to return to
** warm blankets and snuggle time
** hot coffee and oatmeal (despite biting my tongue)
** thoughtful nieces
** tinker bell socks on my daughter
** a dry cleaner that gives you a discount depending on how many shirts you bring in
** foggy mornings that make you slow down and breathe deeply
** new lip gloss 
** a new book light that your Mom sends you
** text messages in the middle of the day that make you laugh
** movie recommendations you can trust
** streaming video that can be watched while I snuggle in bed with MIss C
** canned tomatoes that can brighten a meal
** freshly chopped parsley that brings color to any dish
** nap time...I will forever and always be grateful for nap time...
** Your prayers and good wishes...so very grateful for them...so grateful...

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