31 days of gratitude ~ day five...where YOU make it happen...

I was nervous when I stepped out in boldness last night. Economic times are tough for everyone so to ask for assistance is a tough thing.  on that you all would answer with kindness and love. Oh how you answered. In less than 24 hours Miss Courtney has received approx. $600 which will make her bedroom makeover a reality...this week! This will cover everything on the main list leaving about $100 left to start saving for the rug and chair that are left on the wish list. 

I received many emails and facebook messages asking if you could make a quilt, crocheted or knitted blanket, art for the her wall or even a sweater for our girl. 

Oh my gracious...are you kidding me??

YES! YES! YES! Of course you can. We would be delighted to accept such a beautiful gift. If this is something you wanted to do, please email me directly if you have any questions. (mary_romance@cox.net)

The fabric above is Miss Courtney's curtain fabric. I have had this for about 18 months and I will be making tab curtains for her two windows. The walls will be painted close to the teal blue color at the base of the flowers with white trim. We will painting her dressers as well. One will be in the pink family, one will be in the yellow family but I haven't chosen the exact colors yet. 

You asked for a color scheme...here it is. 

We are humbled, so very humbled. We are stunned at your kindness and support shown one more time for our Courtney. We are excited to get going and make this happen for her. I promise to document every step here in this space. 

For those of you who are just seeing this for the first time or you have decided you want to help Miss Court please know that the PayPal button will stay up. Anything contributed to this account will go toward Miss Courtney's daily care, paying off medical bill and making sure she has all the specialized supplements which are not covered by insurance. There are no words except thank you...so very much!

Today I am grateful for:

#1509 ~ #1523
** the generosity of people we know and love and those we have never met
** celebrating Lily Z's second birthday
** being able to pick out paint samples for our daughters room
** funfetti cupcakes with edible glitter
** watching a room full of toddler "play" kitchen...so much fun!
** Navy beats Air Force...Go Navy!
** sewing for my daughter
** reading stories to my daughter as she hums along
** cold iced tea on a hot October day...where did my Fall go??
** praying for dear ones facing serious illness
** watching my husband sing to our daughter
** watching her smile in return
** apple pie a la mode
** sleeping in on a Saturday morning with my beloved
** homemade blueberry pancakes and syrup

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