31 days of gratitude ~ day eight...ready.set.paint.

I am so tired. A happy tired, but tired none the less. Today we started painting Courtney's room. All I can say is...I need to work on my upper body strength cause baby I got none. I am getting ready to have a little Advil nightcap and head to bed. There is soooo much more to do tomorrow so sleep is needed. LOTS of sleep. But I didn't want to miss a day of counting my blessings because my cup overfloweth...seriously overfloweth...

Today I am grateful for: 

#1564 - #1578

** a wall of paint chips that make my head spin with possibilities
** "synergy" from Sherwin Williams...think teal, intense teal
** paint splattered yoga pants
** extension poles that allow me to actually reach the ceiling to paint
** trying a new bread recipe and realizing once more that I need to work on my bread making technique...today's loaf was another hockey puck...ugh!
** the opportunity to make something beautiful for my daughter
** a hot shower to scrub off the remains of the day (so not the neatest painter in the world)
** being able to braid Courtney's hair...it's finally long enough!
** text messages from a sweet friend checking on my painting progress
** fall...the temperatures have finally dropped and sweaters are required
** the anticipation of meeting an online friend "in person" for the first time this weekend...can't wait Colleen!! Cannot wait!!
** a warm blanket wrapped around me and my sweet Courtney during story time tonight
** the opportunity to serve the youth of my parish on the Girls confirmation retreat in 11 days
** friendship wether it be long distance or close by...it is a blessing...always...
** You my dear readers...you ROCK!!

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