31 days of gratitude ~ finding beauty in everyday life ~ day one...

So today we begin a little blogging experiment in this space. We are jumping in with BOTH feet to join in the "31 Days..." phenom. 31 Days of blogging one one topic...for me that is "gratitude ~ finding beauty in everyday life". It's where I need to be right now. It's what I need to focus on. My heart is breaking with all the turmoil in the world and I have got to keep my eyes on the prize...

gratitude, gratitude, gratitude...

This morning the government shut down and my husband (as a defense contractor) was home by noon. He has been furloughed for as long as the government is closed. Some days it feels like the world is spinning out of control and I am sitting in the midst of the insanity having no control over anything. I don't know what's going to happen? How long he will be home for his forced "staycation"? I know he will get paid...in time. What we will do about the immediate needs of the family?? Paying the mortgage on time and the medical bills in the pile?? One thing I have taken for granted is that one of us would have a job...

deeeeeppp breath Mary....deeeeeppp breath....

The thought of these things is enough to make me want to vomit so I decided that I need to concentrate on what is good and beautiful and lovely in my world. We will figure it all out. For now I am keeping on my household schedule. There are shirts to iron, soup to make and bread to bake. Hubby has a small "to do" list getting the yard ready for the winter as well as some deeeeep cleaning inside the house. 

Is this what we want to happen? No

Is this going to be a HUGE challenge for our family? Yes

Will we champion through and make the best of it? Lord, I hope so.

What to do next? "Pray, Hope and Don't Worry" said the wonderful St. Padre Pio. I shall endeavor to listen and ponder this deep in my heart in the coming days.

SO join me on this little journey of finding the beauty in everyday life...let's get this party started shall we????

Today I find beauty in and am grateful for...

#1454 - #1471
** my daughter's laughter

** striped socks with sweatpants
** open windows and fall breezes
** warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven
** a BIG pot of homemade vegetable soup
** a lovely hand written not of encouragement
** a new recipe
** fresh bread rising
** a new batch of homemade detergent
** a long distance phone call with one of my sister-in-laws
** watching my husband snuggle with Miss Courtney...such love there
** bedtime stories with new book from the library
** winter coats cleaned and at the ready
** making a menu plan for the week with comfort food as the theme
** a brisk walk through the woods
** watching a late night movie with my hubby
** feeling the love of extended family
** the promise of a new day

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