a little project for Miss Courtney...

So I went to Adoration this evening and while I was there an idea came to me. There are so many of you out there would have sent emails and facebook messages asking how you can help. Yes, you are praying but what else can you do is something you ask over and over again.

First, you all have always been so incredibly generous with my family helping pay for medical bills and in 2007 going so far as creating a miracle for my family in saving us from financial bankruptcy. So really, how in good conscience can I ask for more from you?

Well, you have asked what you can do, so I prayed about it and this is what I came up with.

I am going to step out in boldness and ask you to help us with this little project for Courtney. We are going to give her bedroom a much needed makeover.

As you know my hubby has been furloughed with the government shut down. He is a private defense contractor and with the furlough is able to take vacation time that he has saved up in order for us to be paid. Thank you Lord for the fact that he doesn't take any time off of work. For once that is working in our favor. So I thought, let's take advantage of this time he is home and make it work for us in some small way.

We would like to paint Miss Courtney's room. It has not been done in over seven years. I already have the fabric for the tab-top curtains for her windows, as well as the fabric for the bed skirt that will help dress up her hospital bed. She has new sheets that she got for her recent birthday in August and even has one new set of flannel sheets.

But there are still a few things left to purchase so we can paint and get her room done for her. We are not able to get these things right now due to the increase in her therapy bills as well as the increase in our families insurance deductibles Then there is this weeks hospital stay, the bills for which will show up in our mailbox in the next three weeks.

So, this is where you come in. She has a PayPal button to the left on this blog. Anything anyone donates to that account is used to pay medical and therapy bills as well as any other expenses that her insurance doesn't cover.

If you feel called to help with our little makeover project, please use the PayPal button below or to the right. Every little bit counts. This is what we need to do to complete her room makeover project...

#1 - Paint for the walls
Two to Three gallons at aprrox. $40-$50 per gallon = $120-$150
(we need to get the low fume paint since Miss Courtney is so sensitive and her big brother has asthma)

#2 - Painting supplies for approx. $50
Rollers, paint pans, corner brush, painters tape, etc.

#3 - Paint for the two dressers = 2-3 quarts of paint = $60
I purchased these on Craig's list about three years ago and they are both in desperate needs of a serious paint job. We will need one quart each since they will need several coats.

#4 - Two double curtain rods and one long curtain rod for a total of approx. $74
These will be used to hang her curtains over the windows and also serve as a "door" over her closet.

#5 - one lamp w/ shade = at most $60

#6 - two sets of sheer curtains from Ikea = $35

#7 - second set of flannel sheets (for when she pees through the first ones) = $40

Total needed to complete Miss Courtney's room makeover -  $469

dream list - these items aren't necessary for the makeover but we would love them for overall comfort if possible.
#1 - club chair for Mama to sit by her bedside = $100 from Ikea
#2 - 9x14 decorative rug for warm feet = $200-$300 from Ikea

So what do you think? Do you want to help make this room makeover a reality for Miss Courtney?

If this is something you can do than all I can say is thank you. No matter what is given, know that we appreciate all your love and prayers. We will get moving ASAP on the room makeover as soon as there is enough raised to purchase the paint and supplies. We will go from there. I promise to make sure you can see all the details here.

If you don't wish to use the PayPal button but want to contribute just email me at mary_romance@cox.net and we will figure it out.

Blessings and Grace to you and those you hold dear...and thank you from the bottom of my mother's heart...

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