almost 30...

We are coming to an end of my little blogging project. Tomorrow will be the final installment. I could have done better in so many ways but I did my best and that, my friends, is all one can do. I am slowly learning that by being grateful for the little things in life, it makes the path all the clearer to recognize the miracle of the big things.  It makes daily living that much more fulfilling, watching it all unfold right before my eyes. His plan is pretty darn amazing sometimes. I gotta say.

Today I am grateful for:

#1815 - #1837

** homemade whole wheat sandwich bread
** sourdough bagel, toasted with freshly made butter
** TV shows with cliffhangers
** instant view
** Lark Rise to Candleford - better than Downton Abbey any day of the week. 
** last minute visits with friends
** catching up with house work
** cutting quilt pieces
** sending surprise packages in the mail
** covering my daughter with the afghan my Grandmother Stuecken made for me
** trying a new Butternut Squash Soup recipe
** using bacon grease in my biscuits
** new music on the iPod
** mending my sons favorite shirt, because he asked me to
** Janette Oke books...such beautifully sweet stories
** homemade "Sore Throat" tonic
** being able to pay our bills on time
** the privilege of ironing altar clothes for my parish
** family dinners
** a friend's son returning from college for his first visit home
** reading a really good mystery novel
** spending time visiting with my sister-in-law
** working on a handmade Christmas

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