day 19 - where I smell like cole slaw...

Today has been quiet. I needed quiet, desperately. Sleep still eludes me for more than two to three hours at a time, so sitting in quiet listening to my girl hum is just what I needed.

My throat is beginning to feel a little better all thanks to the healing power of apple cider vinegar. I was talking with my Mom the other day and she told me about this drink my Dad used to make. It's two tablespoons of "raw" unfiltered apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of raw honey and 8 oz of warm water. He would make it when he had a sore throat. It's what his mother did. She suggested I try it. I went online and found that what she had said was indeed true. it is a widely touted throat soother and lymphatic aid. It actually aids with the swelling of lymph nodes. So I got out the shot glass as the homeopathic website suggested and knocked back a shot.

Two straight shots a day for two days and finally I can swallow without cringing in pain. It has made eating a little bit more possible without me making the "pucker face". My husband informed me after my little shot glass of sourness this morning that my breath smelled like cole slaw.

"I thought you liked cole slaw" I answered batting my eyelashes.

"On my plate. Not on my wife."

Well played my love, well played...

I will admit, that I prefer tequila shots to this any day but I was really struggling with pain management and the swelling and willing to try anything.

Crazy right? That's what I thought. After the burning went away and the sweating stopped, within 30 minutes I could swallow without cursing.

I do not care that my breath smells like cole slaw. I am now a believer and will continue with this lovely little tonic until all is well once more. 

Today I am grateful for:

#1705 - #1717

** apple cider vinegar
** chicken noodle soup
** hot tea and honey
** my beloved who has cared for me so sweetly and with great gentleness
** my son who has run to the store/pharmacy more times than I can count in the last three days
** re-reading some of my favorites from the book shelf
** swallowing without crying
** story time with my Courtney
** soft GF noodles, a little butter and some fresh herbs...heaven for a sore throat
** coffee ice 'da HOUSE!! Hallah!!
** reading today's scriptures and sitting in quiet prayer
** sweatshirts and sweatpants
** my new glasses

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