day 22 - she bends her knees and straightens them again...

Today was a good day. A very good day, even though Miss Courtney had two grand mal seizures within one hour.

How can that be? She had seizures...

Well this morning Miss Courtney went back to physical therapy after being away for three weeks. I was concerned that, even though I continued to do her exercises with her every day at home, she might have lost some of her newly found skills.

So this morning I put praise and worship music on in the van and me and my girl sang ALL the way down Rt. 66. I let go of my worry and concern and just sang...and drank my coffee...two things that make me very, very happy.

We arrived and there was a parking spot right next to the building. A lovely little sign that today would be a good day. Then we went in and got to work.

Watching Miss Courtney be put through her paces can sometimes be very frustrating for me. I watch her try so very hard to complete a physical action and in the end she just can't do it.

Today was different. Today I watched a miracle take place. I wish I had a photo but I was too busy watching my daughter be a warrior, staying in that moment, so I would never forget.

She stood today.

With Miss Pam, holding her lightly under her arms, and me sitting in front of her making sure her knees didn't collapse. Just sitting there, ready to catch her should the knees buckle and she go down like a brick house taking Miss Pam with her.

The thing is, she didn't go down. She stood with the least amount of support I have ever seen her take IN HER LIFE!!

Not only that, at one point she bent her knees. I was already to catch her and she straightened them again...ON HER physical prompts, no help fromMiss Pam...nothing but two crazy women cheering her on.

Do you have any idea what it takes for Court to hold her core straight, head forward, bend her knees slightly, THEN straighten them all while keeping her balance??

It was absolutely flipping amazing.

I had tears running down my cheeks and Miss Pam was BEAMING!! After almost a solid minute Court promptly sat down on the therapy table with kind of a thump. She leaned back into Miss Pam and sighed...


Not only once but THREE separate times during therapy, in between stretching and doing a little push up work. She showed us that she can stand. This means that there is the possibility, in time, that she may be able to walk under her own power.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am still in awe of my girl and what this new seizure med is allowing her to do. Of course she did come home and have two grand mal seizures within one hour scaring the heck out of me making me wonder if we were headed back to the hospital.

Fortunately it was just a scare and right now she is cuddled up with her favorite stuffed turtle in bed sound asleep.

So yes, even with seizures, it was a damn fine day! God is good ALL the time my friends, ALL the time!

Today I am grateful for:

#1745 - #1758
** bending knees
** Courtney's strong core that she will straighten herself 
** learning how to braid her hair - makes therapy so much easier when she isn't distracted by hair in her face. 
** dinner on the table, on time, three days in a row
** new books to read
** the dedication of Courtney's physical therapist, Miss Pam
** only 24 more hours left that I have to take an antibiotic
** watching my daughter give everything she has to try and stand, her strength amazes me
** news that the fabulously talented and awesome Youth Minister Perry R. is engaged to be married. WAHOO!! His beloved is one lucky girl.
** putting my boots on for the first time this season
** getting encouragement and wonderful words of praise form someone I hold close to my heart
** spending time with my Mama
** gluten free brownies straight from the oven
** God's faithfulness...He never leaves...ever...

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