day 26 - a little quiet goes a long way...

Good Afternoon All!!

I pray you and those you love most are enjoying this absolutely spectacular fall day. Here in northern Virginia the breeze is in full swing and the sun is shining high in the sky. I have spent the last two days away from the interwebs spending time with my hubby and our offspring. I took some time to reset , renew, retool, and recommit myself to those things that bring my mind, body and soul peace.

I read a book or two. I sat on the front porch and enjoyed the fall splendor that slowly reveals itself every morning through the fog. I cleaned out a closet or three and filled a few bags to donate to the local shelter.

I prayed...alot. I have been feeling like I was wondering in the dessert lately when it comes to my personal relationship with Our Lord. So I sat in the quiet and read some scripture to restart that intimate conversation that is so necessary to my daily positive attitude.

God is so faithful...isn't He? He speaks and for once I shut my big trap and just listened. It's not always comfortable for me to just listen. He can be a tough spouse, that Jesus guy. He calls them like He sees them and let me tell you what he is seeing right now isn't so purty. There is work to be done and so I begin a new week with a renewed desire to make it all work as He thinks it should.

So I shall greet each day with gratefulness for another chance to get it right.

Today I am thankful for:

#1782 - #1802
** the Mass with sacred scripture and sacred tradition wound together creating a beautiful dance. 
** watching Jerry pray with Courtney after Communion. It's always moving...always.
** listening to my husband read the Word of God as a lector this morning
** picking up altar linens from the sacristy, to wash and iron, since it"s my week to serve
** blowing kisses across the parking lot to sweet friends we haven't seen in a few Sundays
** Miss Courtney smiling at me as I sang the opening hymn today in Mass
** my husbands willingness to break out the power tools when I need something "special" made for his "special" girl that we can't afford ready made
** listening to my hubby thanking his father on the phone last night for all the home care skills he took the time to teach hum while growing up.
** listening to classical music while the hubster studies for his upcoming PMP Exam
** a fresh pot of coffee, half and half and raw sugar
** flannel sheets and a fleece blanket
** lazy Sunday afternoons
** falling leaves in a rainbow of colors 
** a lovely breeze that makes this menopausal woman smile
** learning to truly "rest" on the Lord's Day
** laughing at my BFF's son's innocent college escapades. another generation creating their own stories
** creating a fall landscape on my front porch
** finding fall decorations that I didn't know I had in my newly organized garage
** words of love spoken from my spouse
** snuggling on the couch with my beloved
** your prayers and encouragement over these last two special and so appreciated. 

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