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The painting is done.

I loved typing those words. Truly I did. I am amazed that my hands and fingers even work. Painting introduced me to muscles I never knew I had. I also discovered that painting a ceiling requires some mad yoga moves, twisting and turning like I have never done before.

Needless to say, hot showers and Advil have been a close companion for three days.

But it is ALL worth it.

She is worth it.

My Courtney had a rough day today. Two seizures, each lasting 6-7 minutes. The adjustment of her meds is proving to be a little tricky. We will take each day as it comes and do out best. It's all this Mama can do.

The big room makeover is now entering the second stage. This weekend I will get to work on sewing the curtains and making the fabric "doors" for the closet. We also have to make the padded "side board" which will be hung on the wall next to her bed so when she wants to get all crazy and dance in bed, she won't hurt herself when her arms and legs hit the wall.

So without further delay, here are a few shots of the room so far.

The paint color is "synergy" or teal as I call it. New artwork for Court's walls.
Gotta love ETSY.

I found this chair and ottoman on Craig's List. there is some damage to the slipcover but other than that it's like new. It's from Pottery Barn and if we bought it new it would be $1400 for the pair. Instead I paid $200. Happy Dance!!

Miss Courtney's sweaters are finally stacked back in the closet. Yay!! 

Today I am grateful for :

#1579 - #1596

** blue painters tape...miracle stuff
** freshly painted walls and bright white trim
** windows wide open while the rain falls
** citrus candles burning bringing the kitchen to life
** second-hand furniture - new to me
** beautiful art work to hang on the wall
** holding my daughter, all 5'6" of her...
** feather dusters...happy dusting!
** family quilts folded neatly in a basket ready for movie night
** in house date night with my guy
** house guests
** new flannel sheets (it's finally cool enough! wahoo!!)
** baking with cranberries
** "The Voice" singing and funny judges...I enjoy it a little too much
** my husband - grouchy, grumpy and funny as all get out
** grocery shopping - alone
** baking with pumpkin
** snuggies...I know, they are ugly, but so comfy! seriously. 

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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