we end with a HUGE splash...

Today ends our 31 Days of Gratitude blogging event. It seems only right that it ends with a HUGE splash. I asked you all to pray earlier today for my girl Courtney. Well, let me tell you those prayers were not only answered but you will never believed what happened. I am having trouble believing it myself.

After begging your prayers this morning for my girl, we spent the day preparing for her modified barium swallow test this afternoon. Once the preparations were complete, her day bag packed, we were off to the races.

Of course nothing ever goes completely smoothly when we are having any kind of medical procedure. There is usually a problem with the paperwork or the orders have been written incorrectly. Today we dealt with both of those lovely circumstances which caused a delay in our procedure. Normally I wouldn't worry about such a thing, but when Miss Courtney has not eaten for six hours, I am not so accommodating.

Needless to say, patient perseverance is the name of the game. I swear I could right a book on how to bend snappy and rude medical staff to do your will in a timely manner. A smile and gentle encouraging words are usually a great place to start. We ended up waiting about twenty extra minutes instead of the sixty they originally told me.

Patient persistence...get's 'em every time.

So off to the X-ray room we went and Jerry and I got Court ready to go. Then the magic happened.

She swallowed like a typical kid.

Not once but the entire time.

The speech therapist tried many different thicknesses of barium and she handled each of them like a champ. It was simply amazing to watch. She defied the odds one more time.

Not only did she pass the test but they feel it's safe enough for her to begin drinking thinner fluids by cup once more. She has not been strong enough to do that in seven years!! I actually cried in that X-ray room today. It was so overwhelming to think that she is getting stronger and not weaker.

I know that tomorrow morning could bring a completely different situation. She could have a night filled with seizures and it would all change.

But today she is doing very well. Today she was able to swallow like she used to. Today there is hope that she can hold her own cup again and drink to her hearts content.

That's a fine way to end this day don't you think? With hope and joy...a fine way indeed.

Today I am thankful for:

#1837 - #1848

** patient perseverance
** offering a smile instead of harsh judgement
** watching in amazement at how strong my daughter is
** appreciating a normal action that I take for granted...a simple swallow
** watching my husband's devotion to our daughter, he loves her so
** a hot cup of coffee shared with my critique partner while we go over plots and story ideas
** the offer of help from a friend
** to be able to barter services with a friend making both of you happier for it
** sewing for a new baby
** baking...always the baking
** 31 days of giving thanks
** you my dear readers...for your prayers and your support

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