i always have a plan...until i don't have a plan...

I always have a plan.

You might say I am a little OCD when it comes to controlling the world around me scheduling my daily life.

Take today for example. It's Sunday which means 5 p.m. Mass followed by Youth Ministry with Miss Courtney and Jerry. We could sleep in, have a nice breakfast, give Miss Courtney a bath so her hair would be at maximum curl for Jesus.

Hubby and I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, followed by the nice breakfast. We started to prep for giving Miss C her bath and slowly but surely "my plan" began to unravel.

We discovered her monthly visitor had arrived meaning she would be very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time in her wheelchair. Her lower back gives her problems during this time due to her spinal curvature putting so much pressure on her internal organs.

We carefully and delicately bathed her and got her dressed in comfy soft clothes that were still appropriate for Mass. We decided that we would drive separately so Jerry could bring her home after while I stayed for Youth Ministry so she would be as comfortable as possible.

See...making adjustments but still moving forward with the overall plan.

She had two seizures before one in the afternoon. BIG seizures. Ugly grand mal seizures that turned her lips blue and caused much distress.

We chalked it up to the hormone wash she was going through with her cycle starting. We opted to keep moving forward with the plan.

Then the bottom blew out...no seriously...she had one nasty icky sicky poo and the fun began in earnest. She began running a fever, the diarrhea continued for two more diapers within the hour, AND she had another nasty seizure.

It was now too late for Jerry to make it to an afternoon Mass, Jonathan was at work and I had to serve as an EM at the 5 p.m. Mass. What the hell were we going to do? Miss Courtney would not be going anywhere.

I called her primary care Doc and he told me there was a nasty version of the ROTO virus going around in hospitals and schools. He asked where we had taken her recently.

DUH! Three hours last Thursday in a hospital radiology department with ALL kinds of sick people and my daughter with zero immune system. Yippee! ROTO virus it is then. He told us what protocol he wanted followed for her hydration needs and to help with the nasty sicky poo's that will likely be with us for the next several days.

I had a plan...until I didn't have a plan.

This is what living with Courtney is like. You think everything is fine. One moment your celebrating awesome news and the next you're on lock down dealing with sicky poo and a monthly cycle AT THE SAME TIME in adult diapers.

Welcome to the ninth ring of hell people.

We are having fun now. We just got healthy and enjoyed this lovely luxury for all of five days and here we go again. The good thing is, that Courtney is only contagious through bodily fluids, so as long as your don't change her diaper it's all good.

Well crud...I guess I am screwed.


We have instituted mandatory glove protocol when feeding and changing her. I have canceled all our appointments for this week which totally sucks because we were to start speech therapy in earnest so we could get her up to speed to start using a sippy cup again.

I guess that will have to wait. With this child there is always something that has to wait.

I have chocolate and coffee, ice cream and salted nuts, all of which are my emotional "go to" foods when dealing with a crisis of any kind. The one thing I DON'T have are some lovely Cranberry Chutney or Cranberry Orange candles from Yankee Candle. It was in the plan this weekend to purchase a few for the coming months.

They would be so welcome right now on diaper #9...seriously welcome...

I had a plan...until I didn't have a plan. Damn plans!