one courtney project to fix big bertha...

Happy Day After Thanksgiving one and all!! I pray this little post finds you and those you love working of all the extra calories either fighting the good fight Black Friday shopping or maybe with a great game of touch football. Whatever you doing I hope all is well.

Things here are quiet this day. Miss Courtney and I have been working hard on her therapy and she is finally smiling at me. It was touch and go there for awhile. She is not a big fan of working out. She comes by it quite honestly I must say. Not my favorite pastime either. LOL!

Anyway I wanted to show you the pictures of Courtney's finished room. Well almost finsihed. The two dressers will be painted come spring and there is still a bed skirt to make and the "side board"that will go along the wall next to her bed. It will be padded so when she flops around she won't hurt herself by smacking her hand on the bare wall. She has done that one time too many and she bruises so easily. Anyway, I wanted to share the goodness that you all provided for my girl.

This first one is of the bed side of the room. All the religious art we had in the house and most of it has been in her room for awhile. I did add in a few new pieces though. No, I did not make her bed. Always keeping it real here at Chez Lenaburg. Wouldn't want you to think anything has changed. Still us, I promise.

The beautiful cafe curtains used fabric I already had and my friend Kathy was kind enough to step in and make them for Courtney. She is a real gem that KGS. Don't know where this re-do would be without her most generous help. We are blessed indeed!

This is the little corner nook I created so that when she has a bad night fighting seizures I could be in her room and be as comfortable as possible. Sad to say I have spent many nights in this chair, but I am so grateful to have this space. So very grateful.

This is the space next to my corner nook. The bookcase was put in years ago when we re-did what used to be a closet under the stairs. Best use of space ever! I keep all her supplies there and I love it for the convenience.

This sweet little shadow box was purchased by a reader and it now house the very FIRST dress I ever made for Miss Courtney. I was pregnant with her when I made this. We knew she was a girl and my brother was getting married five weeks after I had her, so I wanted something special for her to wear. I can't believe she was ever that tiny. Several of my nieces have worn it as well. It's a pretty special little dress.

So there you have it. I will take more pictures once the "side" board is up and the dressers are painted. We could not have done this without you dear sweet people. Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible. Now we have another little project we could use some help with.

Miss Courtney gets loaded into BIG BERTHA for therapy this past fall.

Big Bertha, our wheelchair lift van, is in need of repair and until that is done Miss Courtney and I are pretty much homebound. So after prayerful consideration, I am putting up the PayPal button once more. Can I just say that this choice is never an easy one for me or my family. It kind of stinks that we need help in such a way. We are pretty independent people but there are times when we just can't do it all ourselves. We have had to stop her therapy all but one day a week due this situation and have canceled other appointments since we need the van to transport her safely.

We will be able to use Jerry's car once a week for PT but that requires transferring Miss C from the car to the stroller which can be a bit challenging depending on how she feels. If she is having a bad day, then it requires a dead lift form the back seat. Not so good for Mama's back. So we need to get the wheelchair lift van back in action as soon as we can.

Daddy carrying Miss Courtney to the car...

Our emergency fund is empty due to the recent rise in the cost of Courtney's therapy/doctor's co-pays, her quarterly seizure med purchase and a lovely plumbing bill. So I leave it up to the Good Lord above to help us take care of this need for our girl. The repair is estimated to be between $800 - $1000.  We don't know the exact amount because the mechanic is assuming a worst case scenario dealing with the electrical system and the final $$ won't be known until he gets in there to see what needs to be re-wired/replaced.We opted to have it towed home until we could save the funds for the repair which on our own could take months quite honestly.  We certainly hope it won't be over a $1000, but you never know.  So we reach out to you sweet people. We need the van to be in working order for another year or so before we can feasibly take on any kind of car payment.

Placing the princess in her temporary chariot...

So my dear generous friends...may you be blessed this day and everyday for all the prayers and practical support you have shown our family over the years. You are the miracle in our life...and I don't know where we would be without you.

Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.

**As of 4p.m. November 29 we have raised $300 toward the repair. Thanks to those of you who have helped in this practical way. Words never feel like enough  in this situation but they are all I have. I will update this as we go along.**