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I am having a hard time believing that Thanksgiving is only one week away. Yikes! I am so not ready. I am trying to keep Auntie Leila's words/plan in my head so I get it all done in time. Keeping to a schedule as best as Miss Courtney allows me to is crucial so I don't lose my mind.

I mean, who can resist her smile. She demands lots of hugs and kisses and maybe a story or three every afternoon. Or maybe that's just what Mama wants to give. She is doing well, dealing with only one seizure in the evenings these days. She is eating well and gaining weight slowly but surely. I will take it. One blessing at a time my friends.

future pumpkin pies...

This year our table will have ten settings, a few more than in past years. I am making most everything from scratch and so far I am on schedule. This weekend we will have a big birthday dinner for Jonathan, since he has been working long hours and we couldn't do it on the actual day. I am looking forward to seeing our dear friends and sharing a meal with them. 

I also need to make a batch of apple butter. I am a little behind with this task but am looking forward to the finished product for sure. It's one of Jerry's favorites so I always look forward to making it for him each fall. Love comes in many forms. This weekend it's apple butter.

Each night I have been working on cross-stitching Christmas ornaments so I am ready for St. Nicholas Day. It's a family tradition that St. Nicholas brings a new ornament to each member of the family each year. I am working on Jerry's right now. Being the history lover he is, this year I am working on stockings with George Washington on them. I purchased the pattern at Mount Vernon two years ago. Better late than never.

I found this apple cake recipe weeks ago and am looking forward to baking it later today. Doesn't it look scrumptious? I can smell the cinnamon now...can't you?

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