thankful for so much...

The turkey has been eaten, the pies were spectacular (even though they vexed me) and multiple rounds of UNO and Battleship have been played. I am sipping coffee and watching "A Miracle on 49th Street" the original black and white version. My heart is bursting with so much gratitude this day. God is so very good.

My mother with her oldest grandchild (my son Jonathan -24)  and
her youngest grandchild (my nephew Thomas - 1)

My Mom surprised us with a visit and joined us for dinner. I love this woman so very much. Her love and unwavering support over the years have just been such a blessing to me. I want to be her when I grow up. She turned 72 this year and I swear she has more energy than most 24 year olds I know. She prays for me and my sibling I feel that pray in my bones. She is a woman of tremendous faith and never ending strength. She misses my day something fierce but still finds such joy in life. I would not be who I am today with out her.

I love watching her with her grandchildren, especially my children. Her love for them is so beautiful to watch in person. Her gentleness with Courtney make me tear up. She calls her  "her special one". Her hearty laughter and constant teasing of Jonathan is hysterical to watch. Oh how Jonathan loves his grandmother. She is one of his favorite people. They are two peas in a pod those two. Craziness follows them wherever they go.

the master of the house putting in the bird...

My husband and I have been through so much in our 25 year union. We have loved and we have learned. He made me laugh the first night I met him. He still makes me laugh, no matter what is happening around us. He holds my heart from now to the end. I love this man with all I have!!

My Courtney - oh my little curly miracle. What you teach me every single day would take me years to actually write out. I am so grateful for your persevering strength and incredible beauty of spirit. Yes, you are a feisty little number but you are also the best snuggler a Mama could ever ask for. You fight every day through seizure after seizure. You fight for your very breath and you amaze me with your smile when it's all over. God gave you a very special job here on earth. To spread his gospel message of unconditional love. You can't earn my love just like I can't ear God's love. It is just there free flowing between us. I am so thankful that He chose your Daddy and me to be your parents. It's challenging for sure but boy to the rewards outweigh any of the sacrifice.

I promised myself a long time ago that when it came to Courtney and her needs, I would never let pride get in the way. You all have always been there to lift us up no matter what our curcunstances. Last month you stepped up during the government furlough and we got Miss Courtney's room completely redone. It's a thing of beauty now and we have you to thank for that.

Big Bertha, our wheelchair lift van, is in need of repair and until that is done Miss Courtney and I are pretty much homebound. So on this day of thanks I am putting up the PayPal button once more. We will be able to use Jerry's car for our once a week PT but that requires transferring Miss C from the car to the stroller which can be a bit challenging depending on how Miss Courtney feels. If she is having a bad day, then it requires a dead lift form the back seat. Not so good for Mama's back. So we need to get the wheelchair lift van back in action as soon as we can.

Our emergency fund is empty due to the recent rise in Courtney's therapy/doctor's co-pays, her quarterly seizure med purchase and a lovely plumbing bill. So I leave it up to the Good Lord above to help us take care of this need for our girl. The repair will be between $800 - $1000. Yeah, that's what I said after I picked myself up off the floor. So my dear generous friends...may you be blessed this day and everyday for all the prayers and practical support you have shown our family over the years. You are the miracle in our life...and I don't know where we would be without you.

Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.

Blessings and Grace on this Thanksgiving Day!!