the joy journey ~ vol. 15 ~ thankful...

Take a Deep Breath…All will be well

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I can feel the tension rising in my own home. There is so much to do. My inner Martha Stewart wants to create a pleasing and perfect scene including beautiful pies, a flavorful turkey, and a tablescape that will make my guests stop in wonder.

My checkbook has other plans.

Isn’t that always the case? My perfectionist tendencies outweigh my ability to just “get it done” with the stroke of my debit card.

We are one paycheck family with a special needs adult child. Like many of you, we live paycheck to paycheck and when the holidays approach this leads to some creative “checkbook dancing” to make sure that the bills get paid and the turkey get purchased. Some years are leaner than others BUT we have always had a plentiful table and joy fills our home no matter what the balance sheet says.