the leaves fall while the wind blows...

When I woke early this morning I got excited for just a moment. As I looked out of the window above my bed, I thought it had snowed. Alas...I was wrong. It was just very foggy.

Shucks. I am in the mood for snow but I think all we shall see here in Northern Virginia this week is a little rain. With that in mind, I sent my son out to begin to coral the leaves, so our yard would not become a sloggy, mushy mess once the rain comes.

Needless to say, the compost pile got a wee bit higher today. With four oak trees and two poplar trees in the back yard alone, we have lots and lots of leaves. This job takes about a week to get it all under control. So part one is done and the rest will have to wait for the weekend.

This weekend, the extended family gathered to celebrate my Mom's almost retirement. There was a fabulous luncheon with wonderful company and even better cake! It's all about the cake you know. Miss Courtney loved getting out into the sunshine. It's been awhile and she had a blast.

My boys decided to be goofy while I was trying to take a few photos that might be Christmas card worthy. They are both goofballs of the highest order and vex me constantly when it comes to such events.

Very funny guys. I am sure Grandma Lenaburg will love that one. NOT! Although I do appreciate that Jonathan was trying to help me control the glare...hee...hee...hee...

Anyhoo, Miss Courtney has had a few breakthrough seizures in the last two days which slow things down here at Chez Lenaburg. So there has been a lot of cuddle time on the sofa as she deals with the after affects of each seizure. She has a hard time swallowing afterwards and is pretty much a limp fish, so I usually hold her upright next to me so she can swallow and snuggle at the same time. I think it may be more for me and my nerves than an actual help to her, but it's what we do.

If I am lucky than I am rewarded with a smile. That smile has more healing power for my Mama's heart than anything other than the Eucharist. Truly, it is a powerful wonderful smile.  I know that when she smiles everything will be OK.

So much to be thankful for this Monday:

#1849 - # 1976

** the modern convenience of a leaf blower
** pumpkin cinnamon rolls
** vitamin supplements to help stave off a cold
** cabbage, apple and bratwurst
** sunshine on my daughters face
** boys who will climb a ladder to clean out the gutters before the big rain storm
** sweet snuggles with my daughter
** cranberries waiting to be made into a delectable Thanksgiving side dish
** the promise of fresh homemade bread
** creating a new salad recipe
** steam rolling out from a hot iron
** an Arnold Palmer with vodka over ice
** flannel pajamas + popcorn = a perfect Saturday night
** Iron Chef Thanksgiving Battle on Food fun to watch
** Hallmark Christmas movies
** creating Christmas secret
** fresh lemon in hot earl grey tea
** pasta with cream sauce topped with freshly cracked pepper
** a new box of kleenex with aloe for one sore nose
** fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter with parsley to put on top of a baked chicken breast...awesome!
** a letter from my pen-pal
** hugs from my sweet nieces and nephews
** the sound of my stand mixer running...that means something sweet is heading my way
** spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon with family
** listening to your husbands best friend (a deacon) preach at Mass
** a quick hug from sweet parishioners you don't get to see very often
** a new budget to help meet our families long term dreams
** hot coffee + cream + two raw sugars = a perfect cup on Monday morning

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