The original Jedi Warriors...

Twenty-four years ago today at 2:37 a.m. my world was turned upside down when I met the only other  boy to steal my heart in this lifetime. Jonathan Douglas came screaming (literally) into the world on his own time table and with his own agenda. He had me one my toes from the very beginning. His never ending energy, boundless boldness and unlimited imagination were a lot some days especially in the in the early years. I was a young clueless Mama and he challenged me to be patient, strong and kind.

Jonathan and Grandma Green...

This young man is caring, careful and considerate. He is courageous and sometimes corse (as boys can be). But most of all he is mine until the day that some beautiful soul sweeps him off his feet and holds his heart for a lifetime. I pray for that precious soul everyday. She will need to be frugal and very patient. Lenaburg men can be trying from time to time. They are also very honorable, loyal, loving men.

Goofing around with his Aunt Marianne. She always keeps him in his place. LOL!

So my Jonathan what can I say? You made me a mother for the first time. You taught me how to persevere in prayer. You taught me patience and made me realize what is truly important in life. The dishes will always be there, but you will not always ride a bike for the first time. The laundry will always need to be folded but you reading to your Mama...that was worth putting it aside for a short while.

Jonathan with his Grandma Lenaburg...

You continue to amaze me son. You have not had the easiest life. The challenges have sometimes been overwhelming but you did not give up. Oh the mistakes your Daddy and I have made in this parenting journey. It makes me want to crawl under the bed and never come out. We have learned along with you over the years. Yes, there were times when the sky was dark and you were tired, very tired. Your Mama was tired too. But then the sun rose and the world was a little brighter place to be all because you were not willing to give up.

BEST dance partner ever!!
You have faced some pretty tough days and there will be more hard things to come. You have walked with us as Miss courtney has had her own ups and downs. You have loved her and protected her through each and every bump in that road. To watch you read to her, makes me smile, every single time. It is what every mother dreams of. Her children loving and caring for one another no matter what. 

You do that Jonathan. Nobody has to tell you. You just do it. I love you for that. Those simple moments when you laugh with Courtney or when you lift her into bed acting like she is as light as a feather. You are gentle and sweet and you break my heart in a good way.

The look of anticipation that appears on every Lenaburg man's face when their bacon on their plate!

You and I have had our moments standing toe to toe, neither one willing to back down from whatever "position" we felt we had a right to. I blame it on the Irish blood that runs very strong through us both. Even though we have not always agreed and we have yelled and disrespected each other over the years, we have also learned what is most important in every mother/son relationship. Faith, in each other and in the God that created this special bond. Hope, that even though we don't always see eye to eye, we respect the other. But the greatest of these is LOVE, strong and unyielding, constant and uplifting, encouraging and always present.

IN every life a little rain must come. But then there is always rainbow. You have seen them each time my son. God is with you ALWAYS. I wish you a very happy, happy birthday my son. I love you to the moon and back. I pray this year is filled with nothing but abundant grace and blessings. You are my heart Jonathan and I thank God for you everyday.

Your very proud Mama