big bertha goes in tomorrow...YOU ROCK!!

Dearest Friends -

I NEED you to know something.

Something very, very important.

You are loved.

You are prayed for

Every morning when I have my quiet time and every night before I close my eyes, I pray for each of you who visit us here in this space Some names I know and some i don not but God know you are prayed for.

Big Bertha goes to the repair shop tomorrow. You sweet awesome wonderful people have provided yet another Christmas miracle for our girl. We have raised more than enough to cover the cost of Big Bertha's repair. Anything left over will first pay off her current hospital/therapy bills and then the rest (if there is any) will be put into an emergency fund for our girl to cover these unexpected costs in the future.

I am crying as I type this. I am overwhelmed with such heart is so very, very full. I am humbled and so...well...speechless really...

I wanted to take a moment to let you know why this repair and fund are so important to our family.

Actually I am going to let Miss Courtney do it in her own special way...

You will notice that with a prompt from her PT Miss Pam, my girl straightens her leg to stand...on her own tow feet. At the end of the video notice that she is no longer leaning on her PT.

This is why Big Bertha and the fund is so important. Her therapy costs $120 a week (this includes the co-pays for PT, OT and Speech) so you help with our van repair means we won't have to miss any sessions. It means Miss Courtney get's stronger and stronger and maybe one day I will be posting a video of her walking.

Anything is possible with God...ANYTHING!!

So thank you. Thank you for loving my Courtney. Thank you for loving me.

From the bottom of my heart - you are loved as much or more right back!!

Blessings and Grace,
Mary and Courtney